Saturday, September 21, 2013

Huffy The CO2 Vampire Chicken Slayer

The EPA considers carbon dioxide as a dangerous pollutant that needs to be controlled.  They announced new standards for new power plants to be built in the USA.

These standards placed large coal fired plants in the same bucket as small natural gas generation stations.  The limit of CO2 emissions is set at 1,100 pounds per megawatt hour.  Traditional coal fired stations simply cannot attain this level so the EPA rules simply end the construction of new coal fired power stations unless they become ultra-supercritical stations on integrated gasification combined cycle stations.   The recent Bechtel projects in Indiana and Illinois proved these types of coal fired stations are prohibitively expensive to build, therefore the EPA has effectively mandated the end of coal as a fuel for any new power stations in the US.

The small natural gas plants have a threshold that was set with Bloom Energy in mind.  Al Gore probably met with the EPA to help set the 1,100 pound per megawatt hour figure.   The gangrene bloom box can keep its limbs at this limit.

1,100 pounds of CO2 per mwh means a heat rate at higher heating value of 9.402 million btus per mwh for natural gas.  This means the plant has to an efficiency of 33.4% based on the higher heating value of natural gas.  This may actually mean some reciprocating engines may also qualify for the small natural gas generation but it basically means the EPA is trying to push fuel cells (Bloom Boxes in particular).   I see right through this proposed legislation that Al Gore, John Doerr, and Colin Powell wanted.

My take away from this is that the case against Bloom Energy is actually stronger in Northern California.  The EPA has now listed Carbon Dioxide as a dangerous and harmful pollutant that must be limited.  I can therefore argue that as Bloom more than double the CO2 emission per mwh in PG&E service territory here in Northern California, Bloom Boxes should be banned from being installed in areas where they exceed the prevailing carbon dioxide emissions.  The California case against Bloom is therefore very strong and so is the case in Connecticut.    Bloom has influenced the legislators (like Huffman) in these two states to give them buckets of give away money.   When the EPA rules go into effect I intend to ask Mr. Jared Huffman to hold a house hearing on why the EPA can mandate limits on CO2 emissions from new power plants on the basis it is a harmful pollutant and he allowed bloom to emit 225% of the prevailing CO2 emissions in the air I breath in Marin County California.

Jared Huffman Mr. Huff and Puff posted on his Facebook page that Marin County is no longer known for its hot tubs in the back yard but for its chicken coops.  Huffy the Chicken Slayer boasted he has a chicken coop.
This from Huffy’s FB page “As a backyard chicken owner, I can attest to this phenomenon. “

 Little does Huffy know that poop from his coop ends up as methane emissions.  Methane is 21 times as bad as CO2 as a GHG.  Huffman is 21 times as bad as Woolsey who he replaced in the House.