Saturday, September 28, 2013

Austin Electric Powers – The Politician Who Screwed Me

The folks in Delaware are finally waking up to the news I broke more than 18 months ago that their politicians screwed them with the Bloom Energy deal in the First State

The article gives all sides of the story of how the folks are overpaying for power from the Bloom Boxes that by using political influence Al Gore, John Doerr, and Colin Powell hoodwinked a young governor Jack Markell to install in coastal Delaware.

The Federal lawsuit against Markell and his subordinates drags on, but certainly now the plaintiffs Fuel Cell Energy and Nichols will have great evidence of the overcharge for power.

 Interestingly Fuel Cell energy is now a more formidable competitor to Bloom as NRG a very large company has teamed up with Fuel Cell Energy.    With Bloom getting over $200 per mwh for their politician who screwed me power, NRG and Fuel Cell Energy might just have a great business by charging only $199 per mwh.

The part of the Aaron Nathan’s article that tickled me was this:
Bloom continues to provide clean, reliable electricity from its Delaware manufactured fuel cells under the exact same terms that were agreed upon a couple of years ago,” said Bloom Vice President Joshua Richman.

Interesting name Richman, of course if he works for Bloom he cannot be Poorboy.  Let’s dissect the fake statement made by the VP of Bloom.  Clean – hell no the toxic and hazardous solid waste cannot be considered clean nor can the CO2 and VOC emissions.  Reliable – the load factor of the Bloom Coffins per the DELMARVA filing with the DPSC has dropped from a level of 96.6% to 91% in the last five months.

Yes Mr. Rich Man the terms are exactly the same crony crooked terms that Markell and the PSC are being sued for because of the sweetheart noncompetitive deal that was given to Bloom.   Mr. Rich Man Bloom continues to rip off folks in Delaware and California.  The rip off in California is even greater than in Deal Away thanks to the quarter billion Congressman Huffman gave you all under the SGIP.  In Deal Away the local press know when they are being screwed by a slimy politician and their crony VC buddies, here in Californication the green orgy continues with Mr. Huffman still being lauded by an ignorant press in 2nd district. 

The movie District 9 was a great success, I can’t wait till Austin does a movie called District 2 – The Politician Who Screwed Me.   Al Gore will play Dr. Evil and Jared Huffman will have the role of Mini Me.  But wait Huffman played volleyball for the USA and is very tall so maybe he will have the role of Number 2.  Number 1 will always be played by Al Gore who probably has told Governor Markell to hang in there as the press and the people can easily be manipulated if he continues to tell the same lie over and over.



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