Sunday, July 7, 2013

Who Lies More - Bloom or PG&E?

On Friday I received a postcard from my electric utility PG&E.  The postcard titled we support your power to choose outlined the costs and emissions of two alternates I have for power supply to my home.  These are PG&E and MCE Clean Energy

In that postcard there is a table titled 2011 Total CO2 Emissions From Electricity Sales Per Megawatt-Hour.  In the table PG&E claims emissions of 393 pounds per megawatt hour of electricity sold.  If indeed PG&E is correct and the data for Bloom in the Delaware permit application are correct at 884 pounds CO2 per megwatt-hour, then indeed the Bloom boxes emits 2.25 times the CO2 that the PG&E grid emits for the same amount of electric energy.  

As I peel the onion further on my gangrene Congressman and his crony capitalist friends Al Gore, John Doerr , and Colin Powell the data gets more and more compelling that the Greenwashing by Bloom Energy is perhaps the largest case of its kind in the entire country.  The FTC has to investigate this fraud!!!! 

A quarter billion dollars in SGIP money to lower carbon emissions yet more than doubling them is a major case of fraud.  Of course Assemblyman Huffman would not help in the investigation of Bloom Energy when I asked him for assistance over a year ago.  He knew his own culpability and he was hoping I would simply go away.  Well now that he is Congressman Huffman he has found out that the Green Machine may squeak and need some oil but my ability to take the pungent odor of a rotten onion is quite formidable.  Mr. Huffman as long as I breathe I will seek the truth in this matter.

Mr. Huffman you can hide on Facebook, you can BBQ salmon at Fort Bragg and brag about it on Facebook, you can attend Carol King concerts at the Whitehouse but the long arm of the second law of thermodynamics will eventually get you.  Sadly you represent the massive green fake out by a misguided government of the average Joe or Jane.  Sadly you helped AT&T earn a 500,000% return on their crummy contributions to you as an Assemblyman.  Sadly you have failed to represent the people who trusted you.  I blogged that Barbara Boxer was bad.  That Lynn Woolsey was worse.  And that you are the worst in 30 years to represent me in Congress.

Of course there is the possibility that PG&E is lying about their CO2 emissions.  After all they lied about Toxic Chromium to Erin Brockovich.   Maybe Mr. Huffman will prove that PG&E, the US EPA, and the Green Machine are making up that the California grid is greener than the Bloom Box.