Saturday, July 6, 2013

Engineers Need To Wake Up

Imagine a scenario where a former Vice President of the US with an IQ 3 below plankton starts to dictate to surgeons how to perform complex neurosurgery because he invented the internet and knows all there is to know about the human brain.  Imagine that the imposter writes a bestselling book and then wins a Nobel Prize for his contribution to mankind for those who suffer from brain tumors.

People would call the imposter an imposter and dismiss him as an egotistical nut.  Well in truth the science of thermodynamics is probably more complex than brain surgery and very few can actually claim to having mastered the science that Albert Einstein and Steven Hawking each labored for years thinking about. 

But Al Gore and his corrupt friends like Colin Powell and John Doerr chose to pretend that they had this problem licked and that with the help of Barak Obama’s money (your money) they would bring massive learning rates to lower the cost of such wonderful things like fuel cells, lithium ion batteries, CIGs PV cells, biofuels, and Fisker automobiles.    These people would be arrested if they pretended to be brain surgeons, but lying about thermodynamics is rewarded with government money and glowing articles in the New York Times and Engineering News Record.

I suggest engineers need to wake up.  We have a duty to inform the public they are being fleeced when charlatans like Mr. Gore talk utter crap about thermodynamics.  We should demand that the Secretaries of Energy be impeached if they support gangrene project they know to be fallacious and in violation of the second law.   We should demand that Al Gore be charged with crimes against the United States as well as humanity for the unmitigated junk he has festered upon us in the name of green but really for the purpose of enriching himself and his crooked friends.

Engineers should demand that my gangrene Congressman who helped AT&T get a return of 500,000% on the money they donated to his state assemblyman campaigns stop pretending he is the Jolly Green Giant of Congress.  We should demand that Mr. Huffman beg to speak to the real Green Machine so that he actually may get a basic education in energy.  If Mr. Huffman refuses to undergo this proper education, we should allow Al Gore to perform brain surgery on him without the use of any anesthetic.