Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My July 4 Email To Congressman Huffman

I sent the email below to my Congressman's office.  He has avoided me and simply is missing from the chair that represents me in our nation's capital.  He has sold out to AT&T and other special interests and worse he pretends to be green when he is not at all green.  He gave away millions of dollars to increase the carbon concentration in the air I breathe in Northern California.  On the 150 anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg I remind myself that government for, of and by the people shall endure and that green opportunists like Huffman will huff and puff but will soon be forgotten.
 Here is my email to the gangrene congressman:

PG&E published their emissions of CO2 at 0.524 pounds per kwh for energy I use in my home

The Bloom Boxes that Mr. Huffman so happily gave out SGIP money for, emit 0.884 pounds of CO2 per kwh.  They increase PG&E's emissions by 68.7%.  This is disaster for lowering carbon emissions!  This is like the Keystone pipeline with its open end right here in Tiburon! 

So please tell me how the Congressman can ever state that he wants the President to really focus on lowering carbon emissions when by his own actions of supporting Bloom Energy, AT&T, and other large companies with gifts of our money paid into the SGIP he has raised the CO2 level in the air we breathe in Northern California. 

I decided to join patch and will make sure to blog to all in PG&E's service territory of how we are choking on the CO2 from Bloom Boxes.  I think the liberals in the second district will also be disappointed to hear about the tons of VOCs and solid hazardous waste the Bloom boxes are also adding to the air and the earth in the most beautiful Congressional District in the country.  The conservatives in the second district already know this news.

Mr. Obama pledged $8 billion to African nations for power generation projects.  I pray and hope no Bloom Boxes are in the pledge, the Africans already have enough problems.

Happy 4th of July and on this 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, I hope you all reflect on what is good government. 

Lindsay Leveen