Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Main Stream Media Is Plain Dumb

Latest Update Asiana considers suing the TV Station and the NTSB per CNN

Lee Can Cook was offered a TV show on Korean BBQing on CNN as well

Here is the latest from CNN

(CNN) -- Asiana Airlines is considering legal action against Oakland's KTVU television and the National Transportation Safety Board.
This, after a summer intern at the NTSB mistakenly confirmed "inaccurate and offensive" names as those of the four pilots of Flight 214 that crashed last week in San Francisco.
The bogus names that phonetically spelled out phrases such as "Something Wrong" and "We Too Low" were read during KTVU's noon broadcast Friday.
"Regarding the KTVU-TV's demeaning report of the pilots on July 12, ASIANA Airlines is reviewing possible legal action against KTVU-TV and the NTSB," the airline said in a statement.
"The reputation of the four pilots and of the company had been seriously damaged by this report. The company is reviewing taking legal action against both KTVU-TV and the NTSB."
Both KTVU and the NTSB have apologized for the embarrassment
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Often I have said that the main stream media is asleep at the wheel.  They are probably just plain dumb.  Sadly this is how a TV channel in the Bay Area reported on the names of the pilots of the Asiana  plane that crashed a week ago here at SFO.

How will they ever report thermodynamics correctly?????

Update   The Clinton News Network CNN reports that Lee Can Cook But Cannot Fly was the Asiana pilot in charge of the crash landing