Monday, July 15, 2013

864 Shown The Door But Santa Biden Is Green

I have opined that California Assembly Bill AB 864 was introduced by Mr. Huffman (now my US Congressman but then my California Assemblyman) for the benefit of Bloom Energy and their largest customer AT&T.  What I only found out a couple days ago that after AB 864 passed the house, The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) wrote comment opposing the bill and that the bill was never enacted into law.   Here is the link to CPUC opposition to the bill that forced Mr. Huffman to pull the bill after the assembly vote.

This makes things even worse for the Green Congressman.  His legislation that AT&T his largest individual contributor wanted died because the CPUC opposed it.  It is not only the Green Machine that thinks Huffman’s green legislation is a boondoggle, the CPUC thought so as well.

AB 1150 introduced by Assemblyman Perez was passed instead and signed into law by the governor.  AB 1150 simply extended the SGIP through 2014 rather than increase the size of projects (boondoggles) that qualify for SGIP money as Huffman had intended in AB 864. 

OK we now know that 864 is an unlucky number for Mr. Huffman.  We know 884 may be Bloom’s fatal number.

But folks actually 864 and 884 are lucky number for We the People.  Mr. Huffman was handed his head in his attempt to boondoggle the CPUC that large (meaning Bloom and AT&T projects) should get even more SGIP money.  884 will probably put Bloom, its officers, its directors, and its shareholders into a tizzy if not a death spiral.  This will happen when the CPUC reports that the Bloom Boxes in PG&E service territory added CO2 emissions rather than diminished them.

That data are now being investigated by the CPUC after PG&E sent us all a post card they emit only 393 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour of electricity they sell home owners in Marin County.  The Delaware data on bloom emissions are 884 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour or approximately 225% of the existing PG&E grid.  As the CPUC has jurisdiction over PG&E as well, I provided their staff with a copy of the post card to initiate the CPUC investigation of the real CO2 emissions that go into the air we breathe in Northern California.    I can’t wait to see who is lying (PG&E, Bloom, AT&T, or all or some of them)

Mr. Huffman’s largest individual contributor AT&T claimed to halve the grid emissions of CO2 by installing Bloom boxes.  By reaching out and touching us all AT&T could have greenwashed to the tune of four and a half fold.  This type of greenwashing violates Federal statutes and the FTC should bring charges unless of course the administration in the White Washed House steps in.  There is significant probability that Mr. Biden helped Bloom extract four times the real price of electricity for Delmarva customers in the first state when all the team believed the boxes to be over 60% efficient.   Yes Virginia there is a gangrene Santa Claus but you have to go through the District of Columbia and Maryland to get to the corrupted state of Delaware.  That is the route Smiling Joe took each day on the train home from his job in the US Senate to his house in Delaware.