Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kior Produces One Truckload Of Diesel In Eight Months

The company that Condi Rice is touting as a board member managed to ship one truckload of diesel since it started up its commercial plant over 8 months ago.

Yes a truckload of diesel may equal 2,000 gallons and the wonder company that Vinod Khosla took public is supposed to produce approximately 4 million gallons of the cellulosic derived transportation fuel (diesel and or gasoline) by year end.  The department of Entropy is expecting KIOR to produce (8 million gallons of ethanol equivalent out of 14 million gallons) 56% of all the cellulosic transportation fuel in the US this year.  Ha Ha!!

The local TV station in Mississippi had the following to report on May 21 2013 in the video link below

“The plant has only shipped one truckload of diesel so far this year, but that number is expected to grow as the process is refined and the product becomes more pure.”

By May 21 almost 40% of the year had already passed and the company that the US DOE is leaning on most heavily for cellulosic fuel has only delivered a single truck load.  I doubt that KIOR will produce the other 4 million gallons of diesel this year.

Condi was reelected as a director for another year and on March 18, now more than two months ago, Condi claimed the following: "KiOR is changing the American energy equation by innovating and commercializing an entirely new generation of hydrocarbon-based diesel and gasoline fuel. By making the promise of cellulosic fuels a reality, KiOR demonstrates that these fuels are an attractive option for lessening America's dependence on foreign sources of energy."

Condi we all know you could not find weapons of mass destruction and now we can’t find weapons of mass combustion.  You and Dr. Chu Chu Train are both at Stanford so I suggest you stroll over to the mad doctor’s lab and ask him if KIOR made the promise of cellulosic fuels a reality or whether he was simply the worst secretary of energy ever?
Even Dr. Chu who brought us Solyndra, Ener 1, Fisker, A 123, and other gangrene flops knows that KIOR delivering one truckload of diesel over a period of 8 months cannot be called making the promise of cellulosic fuels a reality.  Condi stick to playing the piano and teaching poly sci, thermodynamics is not your strong suit.

Vinod Khosla keeps on loaning KIOR money to keep the steam coming out of the stack while very little diesel is yielded.  I hope he can pull the plug on this gangrene company just like he did on Range Fuels and Cello his two other cellulosic busts.  Also it seems like he has pulled the plug on Calera the thermodynamic fake out that was to make cement from sea water and carbon emissions.  Calera got Bechtel and Peabody Coal all excited about a chemistry that simply was impossible.  KIOR got Condi excited about alchemy lessening America’s dependence of foreign sources of energy.

Also have to report that Ray Lane had a bad week and settled to pay the IRS over $100 million.  Poor Ray, his friend Al Jazeera Gore threw him to the wolves regarding Fisker and then the Cincinnati office of the IRS and a few rogue vultures acting independently pecked at whatever was left of his carcass.

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