Sunday, June 30, 2013

Huff and Puff And Blow CO2 Into The Air

Now that I am on a roll investigating  the utter gangrene nature of my Congressman Mr. Jared Huffman, I have done some further calculations as to the environmental harm he has caused in Northern California where I live and he pretends to represent me in Congress.

Yes Huff and Puff has caused major damage to the environment in his district by his support of Bloom Energy fuel cells.  I estimate that 30 megawatts of Bloom boxes have been installed in PG&E’s service territory here in Northern California.  PG&E has one of the greenest grids in the country if not the world.  They report they emit only 524 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour of power delivered to your home.

The dirty and expensive Bloom box emits 884 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour.  Using the CPUC reported up-time of 70% for electric only fuel cells (Bloom type boxes), I calculated that thanks to Huff and Puff’s ardent support of the Bloom Boxes, the air in Northern California received an added  33,113 tons of CO2 last year (over and above what PG&E would have emitted).  Mr. Huffman you added the equivalent of approximately 6,000 cars to the road thanks to your vocal support of the Bloom gangrene technology.   

Also as PG&E has hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur containing components in their pipeline gas, the operation of these Bloom Boxes near my home has caused over 3 tons of hazardous solid waste to be added to disposal sites over the past year.  Also over 5,200 pounds of horrible VOCs were added to the air that I and my fellow Northern Californians breathed last year by the Bloom Boxes.

Don’t forget the money Mr. Huffman as an Assemblyman handed out to his friends at Bloom, AT&T, and other large corporations.    You can thank Jared Huffman for wasting your money, dirtying your air, and burying over two and half tons of hazardous solid waste.  He certainly is one of the gangrenest politicians out there.  

His Facebook page may claim to be green and that he despises Paul Ryan for cheerleading the oil and gas industry in the House Budget Committee, but we who breath the air in his district know his real colors.  He is deep gangrene!!!!   He was the lead cheerleader for Bloom during his tenure in Sacramento.  Give me a H Give me a U Give me a F Give Me a F Give me a P Give me a U Give me a F Give me a F  What Do We Have.  Yes we have Huff and Puff.

The photo of the gangrene toes is from the University of Iowa Medical School data bank.  By being gangrene it looks like Mr. Huffman has the color of coal


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