Saturday, August 19, 2023


The full BULLSHIT biofuel company Amyris is dead and will delist on Monday. When Trump became president replacing the very corrupt Obama who was BIG BUDDIES WITH DOERR, I wrote this about VOODOO SCIENCE Amyris had retained losses of over $3 billion. Not quite as much as Bloom but still a very large SCAM. I had warned the SEC that Amyris was a thermodynamic scam but the Save Every Crook SEC saved Doerr from prosecution because he owned the SWAMP. Just ask Erin Schneider, the wannabe enforcer who went after Elom Musk not Doerr. Elon Musk is brilliant. John Doerr is a Thermodynamic cretin. This Voodoo Chemical Engineer named Jay Keasling out of Bezerkley should be booted off the National Academy of Engineers, he is another greenwashed liar like Sridhar. Doerr probably wishes he never met Sridhar and Keasling. Stanford must remove the Doerr name from the school of sustainability or simply rename the school as THE DOERR SCHOOL OF UNSUSTAINABILITY GREEN LIES MATTER

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