Saturday, February 10, 2024


There is no doubt that US has a two tiered justice system and certain polticians and billionaires are above the law. The BLOOM ENERGY BLOOMDOGGLE in Delaware opened my eyes long ago to how the EPA, FBI, SEC, FERC, FTC, and DOE protected PURE 100% FRAUD. Now the Special Counsel is claiming Joe Biden is Mentally UNFIT for prosecution for mishandling classified documents. Micheal Regan who heads the EPA is Thermodynamically UNFIT for his job. Gary Gensler who heads the SEC is morally UNFIT for his job. Willie Phillips who heads FERC is electrically UNFIT for his job. Lisa Khan who heads the FTC is commercially UNFIT for her job. And Jennifer Granholm who heads the DOE is totally UNFIT for her job. The entire BIDEN ADMINISTRATION is composed of MISFITS. GREEN LIES MATTER

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