Friday, August 4, 2023


Lindsay Leveen 6:34 AM (13 minutes ago) Lying Sridhar announced his second quarter 2023 losses. His Government sponsored PONZI Scheme is a GONZI SCHEME and continues to require heavy losses in SERVICING of his shitty short lived, dirty and expensive fuel cell stacks to keep the FRAUD going. Bloom's corrupt CFO gave analysts and stockholders a bullshit story that the service problems will soon be over. ALL LIES to save the biggest eco fraud of the 21st century. My math says that they had $56 million of service costs in Q2 2023. This means for every two new stacks they sold they had to replace one stack in older systems that stopped working. They had just over 600 acceptances and used up another 300 by 100 kw of manufacturing capacity for service. This is a total of 90 mw of systems for the quarter or 360 mw for a year of total manufacturing output. Bloom told us they have a gigawatt per year size manufacturing capacity. Therefore even with all the servicing going on Bloom is only using 36% of their manufacturing capacity. This is why the greenwashed liars are now offering their Series 10 bullshit of 50 day delivery of a fully installed 10 mw output system. Interestingly Lying Sridhar told us yesterday the 10 mw is the minimum the system will do over the 5 year period which means they actually have to install approximately 13 mw at a site in year 1 to get 10mw at year five. PONZI PONZI PONZI. Lose money and make it up on volume. Also Bloom lowered operating expenses which means they are firing people or paying researchers and sales people less. Not the sign of a growth company. Lying Sridhar boasted six months ago that Bloom had openings for 300 positions. Looking at their website today they only have 132 open positions, many of which are more than 30 days old. Only Larry The Fink at Blackrock still believes Bloom is Green.. Mr. Grewal the Save Every Crook SEC must end the Bloomdoggle. Mr. Regan the EPA must end the Bloomdoggle. Ms. Khan the FTC must end the Bloomdoggle. Mr. Phillips FERC must end the Bloomdoggle. Mr. McCormick the Senate Energy Committee must end the Bloomdoggle. Nathan Anderson it is time for Hindenburg to do another expose on Bloom which is the Theranos of Thermodynamics. Doug Rainey will you write some glowing shit about Bloom or will you start reporting the truth? GREEN LIES MATTER

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