Sunday, April 15, 2018

Richard Branson and the GEVO Ecoscam

Vinod Khosla the serial ecoloser has a partner in GEVO the ecoscam.  The partner is Sir Richard Branson the Pecker From Necker.

These two thermodynamic clowns hyped GEVO.  The GEVO IPO took in $107 million from investors.  That $107 million is now worth $8,667.  Yes worth less than 0.01% of the initial investment.

Note the underwriters took $11.3 million of the $107 million raised in the IPO.  They must have known GEVO was a scam.

What is worse is that Sir Tricky Dick Branson claimed back in 2009 that within 5 years he was hopeful that most of Virgin's planes can be flying on GEVO fuel

I have asked the US SEC to investigate Vinod Khosla and Richard Branson in the GEVO ecoscam.

More to come on Branson's bruising in the GEVO debacle.  It is far worse than crashing a bicycle.  A year ago I blogged that $10,000 invested in Gevo's IPO was worth $1.52.   Now the $1.52 is only 81 cents.  Watching two thermodynamic cretins crash is PRICELESS.