Saturday, April 7, 2018

Bloom Has Blown A Billion Pounds Of CO2 into The Air In Delaware

I sent this email out yesterday.

This is how you calculate how much CO2 Lying Gore and Bloomdoggling Doerr put into the air over the past five years in Delaware by them muscling out the Bluewater Wind farm

30 megawatts times 8760 hours times 5 years times 90% capacity factor times 880 pounds CO2 per megawatt hour

Equals 1,040,688,000 pounds of CO2 in total for 5 years.  Yes these two ecolosers have caused over a billion pounds of CO2 to be blown into the air in Delaware since they began generating gangrene electricty.  This is pretty sick.  Over a billion pounds of CO2 added to air to enrich these Bloomdogglers.  A bloody disgrace.

$ 275 million stolen, a billion pounds of CO2 into the air and over 500,000 pounds of hazmat hidden away.  That is the extent of the Bloomdoggle in Delaware.

Un Bloody Believable what happens when you have Tom Carper, Chris Coons, John Carney, Matt Denn, Jack Markell, Collin O'Mara, Alan Levin, Joe Biden and Barack Obama as friends.

Toxic Tom Carper should not run for the US senate this year.  

Last year I contacted Bob Corker the Porker's spokesperson Micah Johnson to inform her that Bob Corker helped Bloom get started in Chattanooga with a 100 kilowatt unit using Taxpayer money.  Soon thereafter Corker the Porker chose to step aside and not run for reelection.  The Bloomdoggle in Delaware is 300 times as big as the Chattanooga Bloomdoggle.  30,000 kilowatts versus 100 kilowatts

I have copied Ms. Harris and Mr.Truono who are candidates for Carper's senate seat.  They should demand that Toxic Tom Carper step aside and make way for someone honest to represent Delaware.  The Bloomdoggle has to be a centerpiece of the 2018 Election of a US Senator from Delaware.  Toxic Tom Carper is tainted with contributions from the Doerrs and his big time support for Bloom Energy.

Let's Make Delaware Honest Again.  To Doom With Bloom just like To Hell With Shell save the coastal zone.

The Green Machine

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