Friday, April 13, 2018

Gene Truono GOP Candidate For US Senate From Delaware

Gene Truono has announced his candidacy for the US Senator from Delaware in the 2018 elections.

Gene is a former banker with extensive experience in compliance at large banks

I have asked him to investigate the role of Credit Suisse in the Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle in Delaware.  Credit Suisse is Bloom's 99% tax equity partner in the ecoscam that has so far extracted over $275 million in ratepayer and taxpayer subsidies.  Bloom greenwashed carbon emissions and hid toxic waste to obtain their fake permit from Delaware DNREC.

Two corrupt public servants, Crooked Collin O'Mara and Chemical Ali Mirzakhalili handed Bloom the fake CZA permit (coastal zone act permit).  Both Crooked Collin and Chemical Ali have left DNREC

Credit Suisse has been aware for over a year that Bloom obtained a fake coastal zone act permit for the project in Delaware.  I informed executives at Credit Suisse and their outside counsel Mr. Bansal of the ecofraud.  I did this by both emails and in a phone call.

As a lay person I have to believe that as soon as a bank becomes aware of a fraud by their business partner they should immediately cease taking any money from the deal and distance themselves from the deal.

Of course I have also copied Toxic Tom Carper on emails but he is owned by the Doerrs the husband and wife team that wrote the song Baby Fund My Fire in the Bloomdoggle.  John Doerr is the chief Bloomdoggler and has his partner Colin Powell assisting him in the Bloomdoggle.

Toxic Tom also faces a challenge in the Democrat primaries from a rather good candidate named Kerri Harris.  I have also shared the same information with Ms. Harris' team.

I do hope that the November election is between Harris and Truono.  Toxic Tom Carper should exit stage left just like O'Mara and Mirzakhalili.


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