Sunday, April 22, 2018

Earth Day In Bloomdoggleland

This email was sent to a bunch of US Senators and other Bloomdogglers

It has been six months since the Bloomdogglers returned $1.5 million to the State of Delaware for the missing jobs.  

In those six months John Doerr and the crooked Swiss Bank Credit Suisse have taken over $18 million in subsidies from Delmarva Ratepayers.  

In those six months the Bloomdogglers got Schumer the Bloomer, Crooked Chris Coons, Toxic Tom Carper and other idiots and crooks in DC to reinstate their 30% investment tax credit.

In those six months Bloom has blown approximately 102 million pounds of CO2 into the air in Delaware.

In those six months Bloom has generated approximately 50,000 pounds of solid hazardous waste with benzene, lead, chromium, and arsenic in Delaware.

In another six months Bloom will report on the number of jobs they created in Delaware.  

In less than 7 month Toxic Tom Carper will face a challenger for the seat in the US Senate and he will have to defend why he is a Bloomdoggler.

As for me I am celebrating Earth Day by knowing this is the year of the Bloomerang and that greenwashed ecothieves will be bitten in their behinds.

I saw Corker the Porker on CNN today and he stammered when it came to his support of the GOP candidate for US Senate for the seat he is vacating.  At least Corker the Porker who started the Bloomdoggle in Chattanooga TN has decided to call it a day.  Toxic Tom Carper is still pretending he cares for the earth and the people on it.  

Peace and Happy Earth Day

Thermodynamics Trumps Everything on earth as well as in the entire universe.

The Green Machine