Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Bloom Dirty Electrons Cost $320.44 Per Megawatt Hour

The image above is a screenshot of the invoice Bloom submitted to Delmarva power and Light for electrons delivered in January 2018.

Bloom delivered 19,230.5 megawatt hours of power to the grid in Delaware in January 2018.

The cost of those electrons is the sum of the Disbursement (contract) of $3,208,994.04 plus the cost of the dirty shale natural gas of $2,953,173.80.

This equals $6,162,167.84

Divide this by the 19,230.5  megawatt hours and we get a generation cost of $320.44 per megawatt hour..

Of course this is a very high price of power.  Clean solar or wind in other states is dispatched to grid for approximately $50 per megawatt hour or even less.

Jack in the Bloom Box Markell the previous governor of Delaware is so crooked and stupid to have engineered the Bloomdoggle.  But he was not alone.  He was ably assisted by Carney, Coons, Carper, Levin, Denn, O'Mara and other deep staters.


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