Sunday, February 25, 2018

Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle May 2018 In Delaware

Delmarva Power and Lies has asked the Delaware PSC for $3,889.899 to give to Bloom and Credit Suisse for the month of May 2018.  A record amount of Bloomdoggling in the first state for a single month.

The real zinger in the Delmarva Power and Lies request is the unit cost of power generated by the Bloom Dirty Electron Coffins equals $231.50 per mwh.  Delmarva Power and Lies expects the average value of electrons to be generated into their grid in May 2018 will be worth only $24.13 per mwh.  This means Bloom's dirty stinking electrons cost 9.6 times their real worth.

Of course I sent this information to Chuck Schumer the Bloomer, the head puppet of John Doerr and the Bloomdogglers.  Schumer the Bloomer and Blumenthal the Bloomdoggler are proud of their roles in restoring the 30% investment tax credit to Bloom and other fuel cell manufacturers.

Back in 2012 the Bloomdogglers extracted $77,613,975 from US taxpayers for the investment tax credit (ITC) of the Bloom coffins in Delaware.

In the 72 months Bloom has been Bloomdoggling in Deal Away they have extracted $181,384,205 from Delmarva ratepayers.   Adding the $77,613,975 of ITC subsidy we have the total subsidy so far in Delaware at $258,998,180.   Of course CNN will not report that Al Gore and the Bloomdogglers ripped off poor Delawareans and US taxpayers for over a quarter billion dollars.

Bloom also received over $10 million in jobs credits in Delaware and the University of Delaware only charges them 40 cents a year in rent for the massive facility Bloom received in Delaware.  The $258,998,180 should be increased to at least 270 million dollars of gifts to cronies of Joe Biden.

The BBC did report that a couple of terrorists in Australia wanted to poison passengers on a plane using hydrogen sulfide.  Yes the same chemical Bloom traps in the hazmat filled desulfurization canisters they send to Mislenkov for treatment in Indiana.

Folks the Green Machine just is amazed how deep the swamp is in Dover and in DC.  Coons, Carney, Blumenthal and Schumer are the four horse ass senators of the gangrene apocalypse.


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