Sunday, May 7, 2017

Bloomdoggles and Voodoo Science

I just love the term Voodoo Science.  It best describes the eight years of energy policy under the Obama administration.  Perhaps Trump will make science great again in America or perhaps he will totally ignore science but at least we will not have to endure Voodoo Science.

This week I discovered that Senator Dianne Feinstein and her husband had a hand in Amyris, the greenwashed ecofraud that came out of Keasling’s lab in Berkeley.   Amyris has John Doerr the Bloomdoggler on its board of directors.  These liars claimed they would make hundreds of millions of gallons of diesel from sugar.  Of course they did not.  But DiFi invested in the company just before the company was given boatloads of taxpayer money and before the company had a IPO.  I do not know if DiFi and her hubby unloaded the stock but they certainly were partners with Gore, Doerr, and Khosla in the ecofraud. 

This chart on the performance of AMRS the stock symbol for Amyris shows how a small investor who invested $10,000 at the IPO has fared.  They got royally screwed by DiFi and the complex.  Their investment is now worth $315.24.

DiFi was on NBC Meet the Press today.  She looks like she needs a makeover but mostly she needs to tell us why she pulled the Amyris trick on us.   She also helped launch the Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle back in 2010 when she and her hubby were promoting the Voodoo Science of Amyris.

Of course the US SEC has been notified to include Amyris in the list of greenwashed ecofrauds like Bloom Energy, Gevo, Kior, Range, Calera, and others that Vinod Khosla and John Doerr promoted.  Doerr and Khosla put the Doo Doo into Voodoo Science.  These two thermodynamic clowns are now building the Billion Dollar Obama Presidential Library.  The Voodoo Science section of that library will cover a city block. 

As for DiFi her hubby’s name is Richie Rich Blum.  Pretty much another Blumdoggler. Also this week I found out that Vinod Khosla and Donald Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner are partners in a real estate business.  Vile Vinod is also tied up with Jared’s brother in an Obamacare Insurance company.  I will write more about that next weekend. 

The swamp contains as much water at the Pacific Ocean which by the way is rising due to the carbon dioxide Bloom Boxes emit.

Update on Monday May 8 2017.  Shares of AMRS plunge by 33%.


  1. This looks like a royal ripoff of investors and taxpayers. Will it ever be investigated when those involved have control over the investigators.

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