Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What is CoVFeFe ???

Trump made a tweet with COVFEFE
He has just discovered a new cathode for a lithium ion battery composed of Cobalt, Vanadium, and twice the Iron
This tweet was to give the Russians inside information on the latest work by the Department of Energy
COVFEFE was developed with a cost of $6 billion by Chu, Moniz and Kammen.
The trick was to get the metals to form an alloy at room temperature using a special electron beam that is generated directly from the power at Ivanpah.
Oh Bummer was going to reveal the composition of the new cathode but he got stuck on understanding the precise morphology of the crystals in the alloy.  Trompie of course understood the morphology as he will once again morph the US into a first world country.
Kammen was asked by KCBS to predict the value of the new CoVFeFe cathode.  He said that it is a unstable alloy that will soon be impeached.
The Thermanator was asked about the CoVFeFe cathode and stated that Thermodynamics Trumps Everything and that Trompie was just using a very powerful random number generating algorithm at 1 am in the morning but actually the CoVFeFe invention should be credited to Tiger Woods who said the word while being arrested in Jupiter.


  1. This may bankrupt the Russians.


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