Sunday, May 21, 2017

President Trump Goes Overseas

A great speech by our president today in Riyadh.   The palace was also amazingly beautiful.  Let's hope today marks a beginning of global efforts to make the planet more peaceful.  God Bless our President and God bless all of humanity.

The scourge of gangrene ecofrauds continues on the planet.  Bloomdoggles and Voodoo Science are in all corners of the earth.  But like terrorism so too will greenwashing end, but only after the world has the political resolve to call evil evil, good good, science science, voodoo voodoo and BS BULL SHIT..

Here are some telling charts on some evil gangrene  companies brought to market by eco crooks like Doerr, Gore, Khosla, Branson and other members of the military industrial congressional complex

All the charts have identical negative trajectories.  All the companies were products of Vile VCs and Dumb DCs.  All suffered the same fate at the hands of the second law of thermodynamics.

President Trump was great today because he knows Thermodynamics Trumps Everything.  Our future is bright as long as we remember free energy is minimized and entropy maximized.   The Voodoo Science under Bush 43 and Obama tried to minimize entropy and maximize free energy which was simply impossible.

As for Bloom the Bloomdoggle, three public governmental agencies have reported that lying Al Gore and his Bloomdogglers never told them that Bloom Fuel cells have to be decoked.  Alchemy Gore must be walking around after watching the Great Donald Trump in the majestic setting today and muttering No Coke, Pepsi.  Yes Al you could have been president if only you won your home state of Tennessee.  Hey Al after sea levels rise so much that Memphis is an Atlantic seaport, will the state be respelled to Tennessea ?  I bet Dan Quayle spells Tennessee as Tennessea.  Donald Trump is a welcome change to government which must be for, of and by the people.  Drain the swamp and lock up VCs.and DCs.  


  1. Trump never heard of the second law of thermodynamics and anyway, no law made up by pointy headed elitists applies to him. He only knows the law of putting fingers in his ears and shouting "nyah nyah nyah..." Given that he inherited wealth that he then employed in chrony capitalist rent seeking followed by running up debt for self-aggrandizement, ultimately to leave his supporters holding the bag in bankruptcy and that he's a serial abuser of eminent domain, it's surprising that you are in his fan club. I will concede that people who repeatedly get conned become somewhat culpable, but in the end, the conman is the principal villain.

  2. Rob compared to Oh Bummer Trump is an Einstein in Thermodynamics. Oh Bummer thought Khosla was a thermo guru and Khosla is a thermodynamic cretin. Why not give Trump a chance to remove the vestiges of the Voodoo Science Oh Bummer paid tens of billions of dollars for to help oh Bummer's contributors like Doerr and Khosla. After Sessions restores the rule of law I hope to see a few VCs receive some stiff sentences

  3. I'm no fan of Khosla, nor am I a fan of Bloom, etc. But Trump is a a sexual predator, a con man, and a low grade intellect. His intellectual level is about that of a junior high schooler. There are better solutions than Obama or Gore or Clinton, in terms of both science and of public policy. But Trump is not one. I guarantee he knows nothing about thermodynamics or any aspect of physical science. He just has a different set of crooks at whom he's throwing our tax dollars.

  4. Time has yet to show us the economic gains from Trumps policies. On November 8, 2016 we had 500 active drilling rigs in the U. S. Last week we had 873 active drilling rigs for oil and natural gas and more on the way. We will increase oil output by more than 1 billion barrels per day this year. That almost $2 trillion to our economy. Clinton (aka Obama light) would have had a further decline in drilling.

    Lindsay is right.


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