Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Kaiser Bloom and Greenwashing

An Email to the VP for Sustainability for Kaiser

Ms. Gerwig

I know that Kaiser has tried to be green.  Sadly you have been hoodwinked by Bloom Energy and the 4.3 megawatts of power generation at 7 Kaiser sites are anything but green, they are GANGRENE.

NBC copied did report on Greenwashing by Bloom Energy and Ms. Gerwig on behalf of Kaiser chose to defend Bloom in the first of four reports by NBC.

I now have conclusive evidence that Bloom Boxes generate hazardous solid waste that is hauled to an EPA licensed hazmat site in Texas.  Kaiser is therefore a generators of many tons of undocumented hazardous waste from their Bloom Boxes.

I have copied the CPUC as Kaiser benefitted from many dollars of SGIP funds from the Bloom Boxes.  Also copied is my Congressman as there was a lot of federal incentive for these Dirty Boxes.

Attached is a letter from the head of the US EPA Philadelphia office to the Delaware Cabinet Secretary for the environment stating EPA position that the waste is hazardous and should be handled accordingly.

Below is my Blog on the waste and Bloom's Twinkie Defense.  

Also attached is a recent article I wrote.

Ms. Gerwig please contact me as I am now writing a piece on how Kaiser is a part of the Bloomdoggle.


Lindsay Leveen The Green Machine


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