Saturday, April 30, 2016

Earth Day Gone and Probably Forgotten

My last blog had the beautiful Earth Day Rainbow.  Just like the rainbow Earth Day is over and life continues in the same old way.

The primaries are exciting and it looks like the Donald will take on Hillary.   Hillary has promised to jail executives who are very powerful and Donald will build a wall.  Seeing will be believing in either case.  My guess is neither will jail Al Gore for his crimes against nature and humanity in the BLOOMDOGGLE , and the operatives of the complex are very happy the Bernie is not going to be president.

What does this mean for Green Energy?  Actually not very much!  The US is essentially irrelevant in green space.  We failed in solar, we failed in cellulosic fuels, we failed in thermodynamics, and we certainly failed in honesty.

Latest on the BLOOMDOGGLE is that Apple and Bloom sell electrons to Duke Power in Maiden NC.  The Bloom Boxes do not really power the data center.  The data center is powered by dirty cheap power from Duke Energy and expensive pretend green energy from the Bloom Boxes is sold to Duke Energy who in turn rip off other ratepayers. 

Duke and Kleiner Perkins are tight.  Co-investors in a business called Spruce Financing and Duke also is propping up Aquion batteries which is one of the last standing Kleiner greentech companies.

OK we know that Duke, Apple, Bloom, and Kleiner are in bed together.  The real question here is who knows there is hazardous solid waste that is not permitted and ends up being transported across state lines to Texas for “treatment”.    Bloom knew years ago they had the hazardous waste.  I told Kleiner Perkins years ago they have the hazardous waste.  I told Apple over a year ago they have the hazardous waste, and I told Duke yesterday they have the hazardous waste.  It will be interesting if these four powerful corporations can evade Hillary’s promise to have them fail and to jail their executives.  I know thermodynamics and that tells me by statistical analysis there is as much chance of this happening as Kasich being the nominee for the GOP out of Cleveland.

What I do know is the 50 Bloom Coffins in Maiden NC are in the bottom right corner of the photo next to the substation and each time an electron is dispatched into Duke’s grid for sale at high price to a ratepayer in NC, more unpermitted hidden hazardous waste is generated and Al Gore and cronies make money while the poor are schlonged.   I love Trumpie and his campaign words.   But I actually think my invention of the words BLOOMDOGGLE and BLOOMERANG should be included in the Oxford Dictionary before some of crude Yiddish words become part of everyday language.  BLOOMDOGGLE and BLOOMERANG are such elegant and refined words even though perpetrators of the eco-crimes associated with the words are so vile.


  1. Good paper. I wonder if Hillary is part of the plot,


  2. Hillary is powered by Bloom Electrons. Expensive, dirty and unreliable. Crooked Hillary hopefully is going to short circuit soon and Trompie will green up America and make it great because right now Moniz is clueless about Thermo. Trompie will select a real capable secretary of energy not a mental midget that looks like Alfred E Neumann Gore. Oh Bummer's first sec of Energy made China great. What a liar thinking CIGS would beat Silicon in PV. I still think Chu was a Chinese spy he could not have been that HUGELY STUPID. Moniz is not a spy he is simply a cretin with long hair

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