Saturday, April 9, 2016

Green Is Good

Often I spend my time exposing Gangrene folks who Greenwash.  That is the job of the Thermonator but on Greenexplored dot com I will now mainly focus on Green that is Good.  The LED blog is an example of how green tech that is really green can make a real difference. 

So what else is really green and making a difference.  My friend Ronni in Australia who started and runs Oz Harvest is really doing a bang up job making sure food does not end up in a garbage dump.

Ronni and her organization have made sure that 45 million meals end up in people’s mouths and not in some garbage dump.  Six years back when Ronni started Oz Harvest she was one of the few in the world to do this on an industrial scale.  She and I went to high school together many years ago and we linked again on Facebook.  Every year or so I help the team at Oz Harvest calculate their negative carbon footprint.

Yes they prevent methane forming from food decomposing in garbage dumps.  As methane is more of a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide that we breathe out after digesting food, using food for meals instead of waste means a negative carbon footprint in the enterprise of donating food that otherwise would have been wasted.  The negative carbon footprint holds even after netting out emissions for food refrigeration, reheating, and delivery.

Oz Harvest is a world leader in their field and many other organizations in many other countries are now following Oz Harvest’s lead.

Here is an article on the BBC from a couple days ago that reveals interesting global statistics on food waste.

Who said Australians simply were beach bums?  When it comes to preventing food waste the Ozzies are world class.  Ronni even got to meet royalty when Camila and Charles popped in for tea and scones.

I do hope to visit Australia one day soon and also pay a visit to Oz Harvest and see my old high school chum Ronni.


  1. Neat !!!. Australia DOESN'T have the equivalent of food stamps???

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