Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rosh Hashana 5775 and Still Counting and Hoping

We made it through 5774 by the skin on our teeth.  This is a world in turmoil and mad crowds in many places screaming death to my ancient people as well as my American homeland.  I watched and listened to President Obama address the UN this week.  It was a good speech and it is a speech that will be followed up with actions.  The world now must realize that the Nazi like jihadists have no place in a modern pluralistic, secular, and tolerant world.  We are all on the planet together.  We must embrace our diversity, and not exploit barbaric desires to dominate and subjugate others.  The president also spoke at the UN of global warming and carbon dioxide being a pollutant.  Perhaps he or his advisors has read the Green Machine.

The President, congress, and the state governments now have to put an end to the BLOOMGOGGLERs and their greenwashing.  There is no difference between Bloom Energy and the Jihadists.  Bloom uses its clout of its cronies to extract hundreds of millions of dollars from the poor working stiffs.   They lie about their greenness as though they are godly.  They pollute the air and hide toxic solid waste.   They, like Hamas, when confronted retreat to their tunnels and hide.  Yes Bloom would not debate the Green Machine but uses it propagandist clout to extract hundreds of millions of dollars of rate payer and tax payer money.

The period between Rosh Hoshana and Yom Kippur is when we reflect and forgive others who ask for our forgiveness.  We also use this period to ask for forgiveness from others.  I forgive those who made honest mistakes or were hoodwinked.  Even my absent Congressman (Huffman) is forgiven by me and he can use this time of awe to decide to come over to the good side of the case against Bloom and their largest greenwashing client AT&T who are his sponsor.   My absent Assemblyman (Levine) is also forgiven by me.  He simply is useless not corrupt.  He can become useful by investigating what went on with Bloom and two governmental agencies (AC Transit and Santa Clara County).

Is there any possible way I can forgive Bloom Energy.   I have thought long and hard and even read up the Mishnah how a corrupt enterprise can make amends.

If Bloom begged for forgiveness via a public statement I would have to forgive them.  They of course would also have to make restitution of all of their ill-gotten gains and they would have to clean the air and the earth of the pollution they caused.  They would need to pray, fast and give massively to charity as well.  Then they can simply practice their business honestly by admitting to their actual efficiency and collecting their hazardous solid waste and disposing of it safely and according to the law.  Al Gore who heaven forbid may ask for my forgiveness would also be forgiven.   His repentance will be to read my book on energy and actually learn something about matters Green.  Also, he will have to make a film exposing the convenient untruths of his partnership with Kleiner Perkins.

Condi Rice would also be forgiven by me for her crimes against nature and humanity while on the board of KIOR.  She would also have to say sorry to the people whose life she ruined by waging an unjust war.  Finally Vinod Khosla would be forgiven, but he would have to donate his land in Half Moon Bay to the state and let any surfer use the land and the beach to their hearts’ content.

Of course I know none of this will happen.  5775 will also be a year of the 1% socking it to the 99% and a continuing crisis with ISIS.  But dreaming of a perfected sweet world is something we do in the days of awe.  To all who read my blogs and gain some insight into the reality of thermodynamics you all do not need to ask my forgiveness.  To you I say Happy New Year and may the year be filled with as little entropy as is physically possible while obeying the laws of thermo.  Remember that soon the only icebergs will be lettuce and Romaine is burning.

The Green Machine