Saturday, September 13, 2014

His Back Pages - A Tribute To Jonathan

It is exactly two years since my high school chum Jonathan passed to the wicked disease of ALS.  At the time of his passing I wrote a eulogy of his extraordinary strength and how he is my inspiration to carry on the fight against the members of the complex led by Al Gore who have stolen billions with greenwashed fraud.  This tribute to Jonathan is written from the mouth of the second law of thermodynamics if it could talk to us.

The Dylan song My Back Pages was one his greatest ever.   The lyrics are simply brilliant.

The song begins with descriptions of flames and fire and using ideas as maps.  The choral theme of the song is introduced at the end of the verse “Ah, but I was so much older then I’m younger than that now

In Jonathan’s back pages he could not reverse entropy and he was so much older when he passed than when we were young in high school and the last time I saw him face to face.  ALS is akin to entropy and chaos, with cells being eaten by a “Pac-Man” like thing that creates pure chaos in body function.   Steven Hawking, the man who best described entropy by saying “entropy increases in time because we measure time in the direction entropy increases” also suffers from the debilitating Pac-Man type ALS disease that has limited his mobility but has not constrained a brilliant mind.  Jonathan too had a brilliant mind.

Many a fool has for the past ten years wished to reverse entropy by latching on to “free money” for “free energy” from the green government and unsuspecting shareholders.  I have written of Condi Rice’s KIOR as one such example.   This week one of their board members resigned in disgrace.  Paul O’Connor the inventor of the alchemy that defied the second law of thermo wrote a resignation letter that castigated the company, and the company in turn wrote a response to the SEC that castigated Mr. O’Conner. The drama at KIOR is happening close to the final act when they go bust.  This is akin to the third verse of Bob’s song that is as follows: 
“Girls’ faces formed the forward path
From phony jealousy
To memorizing politics
Of ancient history
Flung down by corpse evangelists
Unthought of, though, somehow

When cavemen discovered fire and that wood burned, the same laws of thermodynamics prevailed over the reactions of yellow pine as they do today when KIOR flames out converting pine to diesel.
Jonathan warned me to be strong and not give up when it comes to the gangrene frauds out there.   The fifth verse of Back Pages is particularly emblazoned in my brain:
“In a soldier’s stance, I aimed my hand
At the mongrel dogs who teach
Fearing not that I’d become my enemy
In the instant that I preach
My pathway led by confusion boats
Mutiny from stern to bow

I told Jonathan that Al Gore is the leader of the pack of the mongrel dogs who teach sustainability.  Jonathan shared his thoughts about the President when he typed emails to me with his eyes on his special computer.  These thoughts were of a weak incompetent president who was not clueless but driven by a deep doctrine despising the fundamental ideas that the West and Israel embodied.   Jonathan pegged Obama spot on and would have had some mighty big comments of the ISIS speech in which the president looked “spooked”.  Jonathan would end his eye typed emails to me with the words “Am Israel Chai” = The People of Israel Live.   He knew he was going soon but that his legacy was a common legacy of seeking life over death, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and love over hate.

Jonathan told me to live up to the words of the final verse in back pages:
Yes, my guard stood hard when abstract threats
Too noble to neglect
Deceived me into thinking
I had something to protect
Good and bad, I define these terms
Quite clear, no doubt, somehow

I may sound vitriolic or acerbic sometimes but the second law of thermodynamics is inviolable and really does define good and bad.  It defines free energy and entropy.  Sadly for all of us it makes the chorus “Ah, but I was so much older then I’m younger than that now impossible.  Jonathan we were so much younger then, but even with age and increasing entropy and horrible Pac-Man type diseases we must chose a path of life and we must eradicate the cancers that wish death to the Jews, the West, and civilized people.  I do hope that Mr. Obama finally gets it, but hope is not a strategy, and entropy is not reversible as time marches on.  Jonathan I will try beat Pac-Man in a video game but that is only a virtual victory.  The real victory will come when all in the world chose life over death, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and obey the second law of thermodynamics.


  1. Very thoughtful posting.

    Jonathan was fortunate to have such a faithful friend.

    James H. Rust, Professor

  2. Prof Rust

    Jonathan was a wonderful guy and he made my life a lot more meaningful. I now have the dedication to use my understanding of thermo to expose all the crap that goes on at the DOE and with the so called green companies like Bloom, Range, KIOR, Gevo, Amyris, Cello and fully gangrene hucksters like Vinod Khosla and Al Gore. Each time Moniz post some glorious green story on his facebook page I remind him that delta G equals delta H minus T delta S. This is making a difference with all the deltas from reality to the crap they want us to believe.


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