Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Is KIOR Kaput?

They are delisted from the NASDAQ

They have infighting among the owners and directors

They have laid-off workers

They have stopped production

They have not paid their debts

I would say they are kaput!    I have always said they were a thermodynamic fake out.   That white catalyst of theirs was fairy dust.   Vinod Khosla must answer the Thermo God for:  Cello; Range; LS9; Amyris; Gevo; Calera; Light Sail; Virdia (HCL);  and of course KIOR.  KIOR was the biggest fake out of all although Calera, Cello and Range were right up there.


  1. Great information to the people in the U. S. on the great financial losses caused by Vinod Khosla on his fantasy search for economical biofuels. As a Georgian I have been unhappy with what he has done since the collapse of Range Fuels in 2011.

  2. Prof Rust This guy needs to stand trial for being the God of Green when he simply was Gangrene. He once stated that Calera would be bugger than GE's Power Business with their utter nonsense of sequestering CO2 in sea water to make cement. There is a video of the crooked CEO of Calera Brent Constanz a Stanford Prof next to Toxic Tony Blair at a Khosla Ventures Conference making false thermodynamic claims about Calera. Vinnie the clown then appears in the video and applauds the nonsense. Toxic Tony just looks on sheepishly in this video. Constanz gave some crap testmony to the US Senate on his idiotic idea and Dr. Chu Chu gave him our money. http://www.markey.senate.gov/GlobalWarming/files/HRG/072809NewTech/Constantz.pdf

  3. Agreed on KiOR, Khosla in general (esp. Range, Cello). Please explain why Light Sail is in this category. Reading Danielle Fong's very general thermodynamic overview of their concept at: http://daniellefong.com/2013/06/22/a-brief-note-on-thermodynamics/ does not make it seem like she's defying the Thermo God. What, if anything, is she omitting, distorting, misrepresenting, etc.? The economics may be another thing altogether but that's not my interest at the moment. Please elaborate, I'd much appreciate it.


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