Saturday, September 6, 2014

Environmental Injustice Gina McCarthy Style

I blogged about a man in Seattle that has driven his Nissan leaf over 100,000 miles and that the man was a jolly green giant.   Inside EVs reports a scorecard on sales of all full and partially electrified plug in vehicles.

For the eight months through August 2014 a total of 18,941 Nissan Leafs were sold and only 8,500 Tesla Model Ss were sold in the same period of time.   The Model S has actually sold less in 2014 than it did last year and this is not a good sign for a brand new model of car.   The BMW I3 outsold the Model S in August and other luxury brands like Mercedes are entering the market with an electric plug in offering.

I am no expert on the marketing of cars but the data are pointing to Tesla having a harder time selling their Model S in the USA.   Wall Street still loves Tesla’s story especially the giggle battery factory that is now slated to be built in Reno Nevada with $1.3 billion of giveaways from Harry Reid but never Right’s state.

Focusing on the longevity of the plug in cars, I do believe Tesla has an excellent battery management system and that the cars will probably have long life on the original battery pack.  That is not a real concern.   The problem simply is that it appeals to a niche market and the first cost of the vehicle will remain high as the cost of the battery pack even from a giggle factory will be stuck at $400 per kilowatt hour even before adding the cost of the battery management system.  All this talk of $150 per kilowatt hour batteries is simply talk.

Also all the talk of the US reducing it carbon emissions is talk and 2014 will see an increase in CO2 emissions over 2013 that saw an increase over 2012.  Gina McCarthy the administrator of the US EPA is trying to rally support of “people of color” that there is environmental injustice due to CO2 emissions.

This had me thinking that if I can prove a Bloom Box was installed close to a community with a majority of minority population I could get Gina to support the case against the world’s biggest greenwasher Bloom Energy.  I did find one such location in Santa Clara County where the Bloom Boxes are installed at the county jail in North San Jose and at the correctional facility in Elmwood.   Jails and correctional facilities are typically located in the poorer part of town.
The main Jail is located at 150 W Hedding Street San Jose and the Elmwood Correctional Facility is at 701 S Abel Milpitas.

Now I just have to drive the fifty miles to these facilities find a few impoverished folks living nearby who want environmental justice.  Then I can get Gina McCarthy to help me shut down the Bloom coffins that are belching out more carbon dioxide than the grid and busily adding hazardous sulfur to the desulfurization canisters that Bloom refuses to permit.   

The area around the Main Jail in San Jose is in such blight, that the US IRS gives new market tax credits for making investments in this location.  Yes Washington Gas has applied for new market tax credits for the Bloom coffins that will be installed at the county jail.   This is highlighted in the contract that the county executed with Washington Gas who purchased the coffins from Bloom.  Ms. McCarthy there should be a special category of environmental justice on CO2 pollution for those who live in extremely blighted areas that qualify for new market credits.   Washington gas will receive credits for the state (SGIP) and feds (ITC and new market credit) that pay for over 90% of the initial cost of the Bloom coffins.  Ms. McCarthy you need to give us justice!!!!  


  1. Great posting as usual and I hope everyone in the U. S. reads this. You might note Bloom Boxes posted near jails frequently are examples of environmental injustice due to larger minority populations.

  2. “Environmental Justice” Injustice (EPA elitism, exploitation) is a paper published by Master Resource that describes the hypocrisy of the EPA when describing environmental justice. EPA policies condemn the poor, frequently minorities, to eternal poverty.
    The paper is found at the Master Resource website.

    James H. Rust, Professor of nuclear engineering

  3. Prof Rust Thanks for your comments. Of course Ms. McCarthy is simply echoing the policy of her boss who has a legacy summed up in three words: Cairo - Solyndra - Golf She is just another cretin when it comes to thermodynamics, economics, or justice. Dr. Moniz does have the mental capacity to understand the fraud perpetrated by Al Gore, John Doerr and Colin Powell at Bloom Energy. I posted the blog on Dr Moniz's public Facebook page

    The real villains in this mess are academics and scientists at the department of energy that do not tell the truth. They suck up to the teats of the NSF, DOE, etc for handouts on BS research that goes nowhere