Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wesoff Busts Bloom Energy

Eric Wesoff the well-known editor of Green Tech Media the leading global site for green news busted Bloom Energy today.  I suggest you read his article in the link below:

A simple analysis from Eric’s data reveals the following for the Delaware Rip Off Bloom and the thermodynamic neophyte of a governor and his green tsar allowed in the First State.  Eric states that 2012 CO2 emissions per megawatt hour in Delaware were approximately 1,100 pounds.  Bloom “guaranteed” their gangrene and expensive box will deliver power with 884 pounds of CO2 emissions per megawatt hour.  Compared with the Delaware grid this is a “savings” of 216 pound of CO2 per megawatt hour (1,100 – 884).

From the Gannett article on added cost in September that Delmarva customers will pay to "subsidize" Bloom we have that added unit cost of $171.96 per megawatt hour.  Divide the 216 pounds save into the $171.96 and multiply by 2,000 pounds per ton we have a carbon tax (gift to Bloom and their shareholders Al Gore, John Doerr and Colin Powell) of $1,592.22 per ton of avoided CO2 emissions.   Today Bloomberg reports that in the EU one can buy a metric ton (2,200 pounds) of CO2 emissions for Euro4.60.  This equals $5.55 per US short ton.  Al Jazeera Gore is getting $1,592.22 for something that is worth $5.55 and ripping off the poor and middle class in Delaware by a factor of 287 times ($1,592.22 divide $5.55).

In California and Connecticut where Bloom has many of the coffins (boxes) the factor is infinite as the gangrene fuel cell emits more CO2 per megawatt hour than the grid.  Good old Al Gore and his friends John Doerr and Colin Powell you guys sure have chutzpah to charge markups of between 28,700% and infinite% on your gangrene power.  Governor Markell and Collin O’Mara his green tsar are just a bunch of schlemiels.  The schlimazels are the poor and the middle class who actually fund the rip off by Bloom. 

Here is a link to a Yiddish dictionary in case you what to get the real meaning of chutzpah, schlemiels, and schlimazels.   You all may want to find out what drek means as that really describes the Bloom Coffin.

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