Thursday, August 15, 2013

KIOR at $2.62

Can Condi Rice and Vinod Khosla save KIOR?.  Since last Friday when the company announced horrid results, the stock has tumbled and hit $2.62 at the close today.  Come on Condi you have all the connections, surely you can pull a rabbit out of the hat to shore up the company???  Vinod you were a founder Sun Microsystems and a partner at Kleiner Perkins.  Surely you can do it???    You can save your thermodynamic pipedream!  Vinod after all you are the father of all things green on Sand Hill Road.

Forget about the laws of thermodynamics, let's see if these two big shots can save the company based on the alchemy of turning wood into diesel.  Only a few months ago, Condi called their business a "reality".  Now let's see if she can really perform as a director of this company.  Vinod and his KIOR team gave Condi 20,298 shares for free on June 20, 2012.  On that date it was reported she owned 243,798 shares directly in the company.  Condi stood to gain handsomely had the company actually been a "reality".

Vinod did not select Condi for any purpose other than to connect his company to the powerful.  He certainly did not hire her for her knowledge of chemistry and thermodynamics.  He did not hire her to fell trees or clean the soot in his shiny fluidized bed reactors.  He did not hire her to solve chemical engineering problems.  He hired her for her connections.  So Condi get on it!!  Raise money for the company that needs it desperately. Condi has a fiduciary duty to save the company and the investments the widows and orphans made in the company she so eagerly touted.

Dr. Chu is real close to Condi's office at Stanford University.  Perhaps he can help with some DOE loans.   But I guess Dr. Chu's old boss is tired of the wasted money on Dr. Chu's green dreams.  The boss is also tired of Egypt it ruined his vacation at Martha's Vineyard.  He is tired of just about everything but he still believes in hope.  Maybe there is hope for KIOR to be in the business of turning wood into sawdust.

Condi don't feel to bad you are in fine company with Colin Powell another former Secreatry of State on the board of another "green" company called Bloom Energy.  Bloom has the FTC breathing down their back.  You have the SEC and several law firms breathing down your back.  These weapons of mass combustion are so difficult to find, unless you simply drill a directional well and do some fracking.  I can't wait to see Condi pull this rabbit out of the hat.






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