Saturday, August 17, 2013

EPA Lies About MPG

About 15 months ago, I blogged how the EPA was lying to the American public about the equivalent miles per gallon (MPG) of the electric vehicles.  In that scam that came down from upon high in the White House their trick was to assume power generated in the US grid came about with 100% efficiency.

Here is a link that references that blog

Well yesterday we found out that Ford with the EPA’s compliance lied about the MPG of the CMax Hybrid.  Now the EPA may actually wake up and make automakers show real data on the fuel usage of their cars.

I suggest to Congress that they hold hearings into the EPA and all the MPGs of all vehicles including plug in and fully electric vehicles.  We deserve to have the truth about the “greenness” of the Tesla as well as the CMax.   I have blogged that when one accounts for the primary energy needed to produce the behemoth battery pack in a Tesla Model S as well as the generation efficiency of the US grid, it only achieves 22 MPG not the 89 MPG the EPA allows Teasla to advertise.  Ford lied by 9% when the rating was cut from 47 MPG to 43 MPG.  A math Quiz:  How much is Tesla lying when they have to cut their rating from 89 MPG to 22MPG?

I would ask my congressman, Jared Huffman, to hold the hearing but the coward won’t speak to me or meet with me.  He is a real work of green art.  The hypocrite held a panel discussion nearby my house this week and proudly boasted the following on his public facebook page that he has blocked me from commenting on.

Great community forum in Mill Valley tonight on climate change -- huge crowd, terrific organizing by OFA and other hosts, and lots of desire to do everything possible to confront this hugely important issue.”

Well Mr. Huffman let’s do everything possible to confront this hugely important issue and first give me 15 minutes of your time to teach you thermo 101, then second  get to the bottom of your involvement with Bloom Energy via AT&T, then third clean up and fix the EPA, and then fourth  do some real green work instead of just talking nonsense.  Your huge crowd of followers and admirers blindly believe the lies and junk you and the EPA tell them.

Great stuff on KIOR this week with Condi Rice now certainly headed to her Rite Aid store for more Depends, Peptobismal, Immodium, and Charmin.  Greentechmedia the leading green news site came down hard on KIOR. 

KIOR fakes out their claimed gallons per ton of wood.  The EPA fakes out Miles Per Gallon.  Multiplying the lies of KIOR by the lies of the EPA we get the big lie on the miles per ton of wood one can travel without using fossil fuel.  Is it not time to end this charade?   Is it not time for the whole green lie to be exposed?  Is it not time for the “greenest” congressman (Mr. Huffman) to face the Green Machine and explain how his largest individual contributor (AT&T) and Bloom’s largest customer got all those millions of dollars of utility customers’ money in California. 

Mr. Huffman then the crowds will be really huge when you come to speak your double dribble about climate change from both sides of your mouth.  Sorry I got it wrong Mr. Huffman did not play basketball he was a volleyball star and knows about the “double hit rule”.    The real double hit rule will be when the second former secretary of state (Col Powell at Bloom) is seen following the first former secretary of state (Con Rice at KIOR) into a Rite Aid and filling up his shopping cart with Depends, Peptobismal, Immodium, and double rolls of Charmin.





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