Monday, August 12, 2013

KIOR Tumbles

It is a good thing investors listened to the green machine and not the gangrene crowd at biofuelsdigest  (BFD)

Yeah the guys at BFD (got to love the acronym) awarded Kior their first prize for a "thermochemical" process last Christmas.  BFD does not know Shinola about Thermo yet they give out prizes!!!

Today the BFD guys wrote nonsense about the quarterly results

You all want to know what the BFD about KIOR really is?  Condi Rice is on their board of directors.  Haley Barbour the former GOP governor of Mississippi gave them a big loan from that poor state.  And Jugdeep Bachhar a big muckety muck from the Alberta Canada sovereign wealth fund previously was on the board of directors as the Province of Alberta Canada has a big stake in the alchemic company.

Jugdeep is still on the board of Bloom Energy where he looks after Alberta's investment in that gangrene company.  Vinod Khosla is a former Kleiner Perkins partner and is the man behind Kior.  KP is behind Bloom.  Jugdeep is in deep both at Bloom and Kior.

I think there will be another form of stampede on the Canadian prairie.  The citizens who live in Alberta and who contributed to this provincial sovereign wealth fund should chase Jugdeep all the way from Calgary to Medicine Hat where they can force some castor oil into him so they can get the "story" out of him.

That folks is the BFD on KIOR and remember there is no fuel like an old fuel and fossil fuels are very old. Kior claimed to do in seconds what nature took 200 million years to do. Castor oil takes about five minutes to help nature.