Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mitt, Barak and Solyndra

Mitt clinched the GOP presidential candidate nomination this week and used the occasion to make a speech on jobs in front of the now closed Solyndra facility in Fremont California. Mitt could have gone about 1 mile further north on the 880 freeway and could have made a second speech about an even greater waste of money at the Tesla factory that will soon “spit out” model Ss for the masses. Yeah as Steve Tyler said “dream on”. The first Model S will have the 84 kilowatt hour battery packs that will give them some range and will be the $90,000 version of the “people’s car”. Of course Mitt is all for taxing the poor to pay the rich so he actually agrees with Barak on Tesla and would never make a speech in front of the Tesla factory that is using tax payer dollars to subsidize the cost of toy cars for the wealthy. Folks our political system is owned by the 1% who have bought the parties of asses and elephants.

Just before Mitt came for his fundraiser in the Bay Area, Barak was here in the Bay Area for the very same reason to raise campaign money. Barak’s visit was precisely one year after his big dinner at John Doerr’s house with the late Steve Jobs and other Silicon Valley heavy weights to talk about how to stimulate the economy and create jobs. Interestingly Barak sat between the late Steve Jobs and the kind and gentle CEO of Facebook. Yeah Facebook had it IPO and it was a total sham, fiasco, and rip off of the public. I think they made IPO stand for It’s Pricy and Overcharged. The Facebook IPO was another perfect case of the 1% totally taking the other 99% of small shareholders for a ride. Perhaps the Facebook ride was purely electric and without tailpipe emissions. The President did not use his recent visit to the Bay area as a photo opportunity to be with Mr. Zuckerberg, as the President knows when we have been zucked. Other than Zuckerberg and his CFO Ebersman, I have to say the Obama Chu combination has zucked more people in so short a time. I am not sure that Mitt and whomever he has an energy secretary will stop zucking around and actually propose an energy policy that obeys the second law and gets us moving again.

We know Facebook is the poster child of how not to do an IPO, Solyndra is the poster child of how not to enter the solar cell business, and Tesla is the poster child of regressive taxes making cars for the rich with subsidies from the poor. The question is who will be Mitt’s running mate? Like a scene from Gone With The Wind, I frankly don’t give a damn. Actually wind energy is also a field where a lot of shareholder money has also been lost this year. The shareholders of Vestas got the wind taken out of their sales. Even First Solar which has backing from the Walton family of Walmart fame has seen it’s share price tumble by 90% over the year since Obama ate at John Doerr’s home. The Doerr dinner of a year ago was supposed to help the President understand how to foster innovation and create private sector jobs. The president should have been seated as far away from Zuckerberg as possible and the results for our economy may have been better. My take of the November election is that we will get zucked by both candidates and that our best bet is to rely on our own capabilities to actually create jobs, produce products, and to produce shale oil and gas that actually may yield some BTUs. BTU’s stand for Better Than Uxoricide