Saturday, June 30, 2012

11 11 11

I was told by Ravi to can the numerology and continue blogging about thermodynamics. Ravi is probably correct but first let’s first look at 11 11 11. Bloom submitted their permit application in Delaware on November 11, 2011. This is 11 11 11. Yesterday I was driving my 1999 C280 Mercedes and I did something I never do. I looked at the odometer of the old car. It stood at 111,111 miles. I almost fainted. I stopped the car on the side of California Route 131 and took the photo that is shown above. I actually spooked myself as I do not believe in Feng Shui or numerology but this was just too much of a coincidence.

So now back to thermodynamics and pleasing Ravi. Another US Solar PV startup went bankrupt this week. They were Abound Solar. I guess they are now Aground Solar. Of course Chu Chu’s department of entropy gave them tax dollars for their exotic PV technology that is based on Cadmium and Tellurium chemistry. The Chinese bet on silicon and cleaned our clocks while Chu bet on the exotic chemistries like CIGS and CdTe. By the way Cd is atomic number 48 and Te is atomic number 52. 48 plus 52 equals 100 and Abound got their business plan 100% dead wrong. Sorry Ravi I just had to get that into the blog.

Once again Chu bet wrong and got completely clobbered by a simple chemical the Chinese now produce in abundance or actually overabundance. The president may be declaring victory in healthcare but he has to admit he really misplaced his trust in Chu on the energy policy. I cannot tell you if forcing folks to buy health insurance is a tax or a penalty. But I can tell that keeping on wasting tax payers money on hair brain schemes is a penalty we cannot afford.

Tesla delivered their first vehicles to ten lucky customers. Customer number 7 was Tim Draper one of the principals in Draper Fisher Jurvetson a VC firm that backed Tesla and made a mint out of the IPO of Tesla. Of course Chu did not come to Fremont California to see the handover of the ten cars that are the poster child of the policy to transfer money from the poor to the rich. Tesla promises to deliver 20,000 cars next year at a price of $50,000. I will eat my ten gallon hat if that occurs.

Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla made a speech about how NUMI workers are now employed at the Tesla Factory. NUMI was the old owner of the assembly facility. It turns out that a total of less than 50 NUMI workers are employed by Tesla while the NUMI labor force peaked at 4,700 when Toyota and GM owned the facility. Well done Elon you proved the 1% rule by employing 1% of the previously unionized workers and letting the other 99% eat tasty cakes while sitting around dreaming of well paying jobs.

I wonder if Tim Draper even gives a thought to the fact that the car he bought for $88,889 (after Federal and State rebates) actually cost $200,000 to produce and that the Secretary of the Treasury Tiny Tim printed money to fund the $111,111 shortfall. By the way Tim’s car is red just like the color of the ink on Tesla’s government funded profit and loss statement.

As for my almost 14 year old C280 it is paid for and does not cost the tax payers anything. Its paint is now a fading black but that is the right color ink on how to run a business and a country.


  1. This from Naomi

    Hi Greenexplored, In case that you did not notice, yesterday was June 29. If you add the nubers of that date, 2+9, you come back to that old 11. I sort of wished that your car had shone 111111 on 7/29/2012, because then we would have had 2x11. So it must be a freaky thing. In my life experience, I have just learned to count beyond 10. It seems that if you want to get into PT school, one qualification that one requires is that you need to be able to count to 10 and bargain your way to the number 20. What do I mean by this? As a clinical PT, I encourage may patients to work in sets of 10 repititions of exercise. For more motivated patients, I go beyond 10. For less motivated patients, I set the goal beyond 11 and settle on 10. So over the years while you have been aquiring your amazing powers to analyze the forces that are being presented to us, I have spent as many years analyzing the forces of our body's levers and working them 10 times. I enjoyed your article and happy-may your car register 11 to the power 11 with your good driving!!NaomiP

    P.S. If you wish ( but not necessar)you may publish my response on your blog.


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