Wednesday, June 27, 2012

884 is Real Bad Feng Shui and May Become Bloom Energy’s Fatal Number

884 is a composite number not a prime number. Its factors are 4,13, and 17 (4 times 13 times 17 equals 884). These are very interesting factors from a lucky or unlucky Feng Shui perspective.

• In China and Japan 4 is a highly unlucky number as the Chinese word for 4 (pinyin si) is almost identical to the Chinese word for death (pinyin sii). Multi story buildings in China simply skip the fourth floor in their numbering system.

• In the West the number 13 also implies bad fortune. Friday the thirteenth is an example as well as hotels and hospitals skipping the thirteenth floor in their numbering system.

• Seventeen is four plus thirteen and is double trouble. In Italy 17 is a highly unlucky number as the Roman numerals XVII mean “I have Lived”. Buildings in Italy skip the seventeenth floor.

• Of course we know that 4 is not prime and it is 2 squared, but one has to put 2 and 2 together to get the full meaning of this story of the Bloom Box

Taking all the factors of 884 together and noting that each has end of life connotations it is quite amazing that Bloom Energy continues to exist. Perhaps the Bloom Box is really a coffin.

Go to this link for the full story on why 884 May Become Bloom Energy’s Fatal Number.


  1. Where can one find Bloom technical specifications so they can be compared with other sources of power?
    1. Type of electrolyte
    2. Useful overall product life
    3. Cost per kw of hardware
    4. Useful life of replacement cells
    5 Fuel Efficiency at beginni
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    5 Fuel efficiency with or without cogeneration.

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