Thursday, July 13, 2023



The very corrupt California Bar Association has direct reponsibility for the FRAUD in the amount of approximately $1.2 million on Delmarva Power and Light Ratepayers in Joe Biden's home state of Delaware.

In December 2021 the Cal Bar notified me in writing that they would not investigate Marisa Balckshire Lawyer # 250156 for LYING to Delaware DNREC about the level of CO2 emissions in a Pullutant Log she submitted to DNREC.  Ms. Blackshire esq. LIED that Bloom Energy invented a form of natural gas that emits less CO2 than normal natural gas.  Of course this is pure BULLSHIT.  The lie was used to steal and extra $100,000 a month in subsidies from Delmarva P&L Ratepayers.

In December 2022 I contacted the Georgia DOJ to stop Southern Power of Atlanta GA from submitting invoices to Delmarva P&L using Bloom's fake claims of the low carbon natural gas that simply does not exist.  In 2022 the LIES about the CO2 emissions stopped.

Therefore, for 12 months until I got the GOOD PEOPLE of the GA DOJ to act the fraud continued thanks to the Cal Bar's COLLUSION with Bloom Energy and their protection of the corrupt lawyer #250156 who is licensed to practice "law" in California.   I therefore hold the Cal Bar directly responsible for the FRAUD of $1.2 million.

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