Saturday, July 8, 2023



We all know that Al Gore lied he invented the internet.  Now we know that Al Gore's Bloom Energy BLOOMDOGGLE lied they invented a new form of natural gas called CH4.1  The extra 0.1 atoms of Hydrogen that simply do not exist were falsely added to normal natural gas so that Bloom and their tax equity partners Southern Power and Assured Guaranty could steal an extra 3.5% in subsidies each month from Delmarva Power and Light ratepayers in Joe Biden's home state of Delaware.

For three years, Bloom lied that their natural gas only emitted 112.9 pounds of CO2 per million BTUs higher heating value.  The actual amount per the EPA is 117 pounds of CO2 per million BTUs higher heating value.  The DE DNREC permits for the two Bloom power stations in Delaware limit the emissions of CO2 in pounds per hour and in US tons per rolling year.  CO2 is listed as a POLLUTANT in the permits.

For three years I informed the California DOJ, the Santa Clara County CA DA's office, the Delaware DOJ, the US EPA and others that Bloom was lying in their pollutant logs to DE DNREC that their natural gas was a special form of natural gas that emits less CO2.  Of course this was PURE BS and a FRAUD.  Al Gore DID NOT INVENT CH4.1.  Bloom made it up just like Bloom hid HAZMAT.  I was the TIPSTER to the US EPA on the HAZMAT with LEAD, CHROMIUM, ARSENIC AMD BENZENE.  The EPA fined Bloom $1.37 million for MISHANDLING HAZMAT.

Nothing was done to stop the GREENWASHING FRAUD by all these pretend GREENIES like Rob Bonta and Gavin Newsom.

Last December, I contacted the Georgia DOJ to inform them that Southern Power of Atlanta GA was submitting FRAUDULENT invoices to Delmarva Power and Light.  Southern Power is the Managing Member of Bloom's LLC in Delaware.  Suddenly power generation starting six months ago was severely curtailed so as to avoid emitting more CO2 than is permitted per hour.

Interesting per Bloom contributed to Rob Bonta's (CA AG) and Kathy Jennings' (DE AG) election campaigns.  They did not contribute to the GA AG's campaign.  Bonta and Jennings are BLOOMDOGGLERS.  The GA AG is all for the RULE OF LAW and was not bought by Bloom.

We will soon see if Bloom, Southern Power, and Assured Guaranty return the excess subsidies they STOLE over the period of three years when Bloom was lying about the FAKE natural gas.  The amount stolen is approximately $3.5 million.

Theranos was the Bloom of Blood and Bloom is the Theranos of Thermodynamics.  

Bloom's CEO Lying Sridhar is the Smollett of Green Energy


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