Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Obama SEC Let Library Builder Khosla Escape

My latest investigation is into the SEC settling with KIOR for  $100,000 for crimes KIOR, its officers, directors and major shareholder Vinod Khosla committed .  I have written often that KIOR with Con D Rice on its board of directors was a thermodynamic fraud destined to fail.

Now it seems that the SEC was in bed to let those being sued off the hook for next to nothing.  This will be proved or disproved when  I get records under the Freedom of Information Act.  But all the evidence points to Obama’s whitehouse pulling string to close the case on behalf of Obama’s contributor and presidential library builder Vinod Khosla.

In January of 2015 The State of Missippi sued Khosla and others in Kior for fraud. 

I have no news on whether that case for $75 million of fraud has ever been settled.  What I do know is that Khosla ran to Whitehouse a few weeks after Old Miss filed their suit.  In February 2015 Khosla together with his gangrene hero Doerr had dinner with Obama.  The dinner lasted till 2 am.

Back in 2013 Khosla also hosted Obama to a fund raising dinner in his own home. 

Then on September 27, 2016 the SEC suddenly settles the suit against Kior and the others.  This is shortly before the end of the Obama administration.  The settlement is  for the paltry sum of $100,000. 

Then in December 2016 Andrew Ceresney the head of the SEC enforcement division decides to leave the SEC a few weeks after Donald Trump won the election.

There are too many coincidences in the timing of all these events to simply say these are random events without the intervention of a high level hand somewhere in the Obama administration.   Ceresney had a record of receiving an average of $5 million for each of the other settlements he agreed to while heading the enforcement division of the SEC.  None of the other crooked companies had a former US secretary of state (Con D Rice) on their board of directors or a Presidential Library Builder (Khosla) as the controlling major shareholder.  Why was the KIOR case settled for bupkis?

We will soon find out.



  1. Great research. Maybe you will expose this injustice and get satisfaction for the state and shareholders.

  2. Obama and his entire administration get forty four Pinocchio's in thermodynamics. The Washington Post gave Susan the Liar Rice four Pinocchio's.

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