Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bloom Energy Massaged US DOT With Rubbing Alcohol

My investigation into the Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle continues.  Under the freedom of information act we have records that US DOT was asked to investigate Bloom for transporting hazardous waste in multiple locations around the United States.  Of  course this is the hazardous solid waste with benzene that Bloom creates in those desulfurization canisters.

Instead the Oh Bummer US DOT paid a visit to Bloom’s HQ in Sunnyvale California on August 4, 2015. Bloom showed them a bunch a documents that relate to isopropyl alchohol which is rubbing alcohol.  The US DOT inspector was very happy and allowed the Bloom COO Ms. Susan Brennan to sign off on a “release” and the inspector then  noted the result of his inspection as “NO FURTHER ACTION”.

Yes Bloom and its COO gave the US DOT  a rub down.  But the Thermanator has told the US DOT under President Trump to go back and do a full baked inspection of Bloom’s scores of sites at clients such as AT&T, Apple, Walmart, EBay, Genentech,  IKEA, etc. and get all the manifests for the hundreds of thousands of pounds of hazardous waste in those shiny sealed metal canisters.  I have to question if the half-baked inspection of Bloom corporate HQ on August 4, 2015 was directed from the Oh Bummer Whitehouse?

I did find some interesting stuff on the US DOE EIA’s web site on the performance of the Bloomdoggle fuel cells at Apple’s data center in Maiden NC.  For the year 2015 these 50 dirty expensive coffins only had a capacity factor of  70.8% not the 95% Bloom hypes to commercial customers or the 100% Bloom lied about in Delaware.  The heat rate of the ugly boxes for the year 2015 was 7.97 million BTUs per megawatt hour or 20.7% higher (more fuel) than Bloom hyped on their web site when these were installed at Apple.

I have written an email to Tim Cook the CEO of Apple and the US SEC office in San Francisco that small shareholders in Apple were being screwed by Bloom and that because Al Gore has a hand in Bloom through Kleiner Perkins and Al is also an Apple board member, there is a massive conflict of interest  in the Bloomdoggle at Maiden North Carolina.  It is also reported that Apple will install multiple Bloom coffins at the new flying saucer spaceship HQ in Cupertino, California.

Cupertino and Sunnyvale are neighboring towns.   Perhaps the US DOT will visit the Apple HQ to ask about the hazmat from the Bloom coffins and Apple will show them the carnauba wax that is used to polish apples.  Apples are coated with carnauba wax to keep them shiny.

As for Bloom, I feel I am playing whack a mole with them.  I actually like the game as moles also have a chemical meaning.  A mole of substance has Avogadro’s number of molecules.  That is a boat load of molecules.

Perhaps an Apple computer can calculate the number of molecules of hazardous waste Bloom and their customers generate in a year across these United States?.  I just know that the Isopropyl Alcohol story told to US DOT at Bloom’s Sunnyvale HQ was Bloom hiding the mountain of nationwide hazardous waste in a mole heap of rubbing alcohol.


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