Sunday, April 16, 2017

Gore Doerr and Powell Are Coke Brothers

Just when I thought I had discovered all the dirt and toxic waste on the Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle, I found out that they Decoke the Bloom Coffins fairly often in Delaware.  Yes these scam artists who are gangrene not green spend 3 to 4% of the time "decoking" dirty coke that builds up on their fuel cell catalysts.  The very same practice a refinery or other smoke stack industry has to perform.

It is likely they use super-heated steam to react out the carbon (coke).  This means there is an effluent stream into the air during the "decoking" operation that lasts on average one day each month for each Bloom Coffin. 

Again Blooming Liars at Bloom and Delmarva did not tell Delaware authorities and the public that the decoking was needed for gangrene expensive electrons Delmarva helps Bloom put into the grid.  Bloom and Delmarva lied that the electrons were clean and were environmentally beneficial.    The electrons have hazmat with lead, arsenic, chromium, and benzene, they have high CO2 emissions , and now they have to be decoked.

Lying Bloom told NBC that the Green Machine works for the Koch Brothers.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  But we know that Gore, Doerr, and Powell the eco-thieves behind the Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle work for the Coke Brothers.  I have said Bloom is Solyndra times four and Flint on Steroids.  

Imagine the outcry if Dick Chaney not Al Gore was the architect of the Bloomdoggle.  Right now the US EPA, US FTC, US DOT, US SEC, and US DOJ have been asked by The Green Machine to investigate the Bloomdoggle.  I can't wait to see them have an IPO.  In their case IPO equals Incredibly Polluting Organization