Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mississippi Goes After Khosla

The Magnolia State has accused Vinod Khosla and his cronies of fraud in the civil case that involves the failure of Kior.  I have blogged so often and so long that Kior was a thermodynamic fake that it was inevitable that Mississippi would take this action.

The bigger thermodynamic fake than Kior involving a lot more money is Bloom Energy.  The Golden State, the First State, and the United States should follow the Magnolia State’s lead in tackling greenwashing fraud and go after the officers, directors, and major shareholders of Bloom.

Interestingly Old Miss did not name Condi Rice in their suit even though she profited as a director of Kior by an insider trade of their shares and uttered some false story on the “reality” of Kior’s technology saving America from imported oil.  They must have decided she was just too slippery to try catch or maybe she never even attended board meetings and simply was there as a figurehead to help navigate and exploit the military industrial congressional complex.

The targets of the suits that should be filed in the BLOOMDOGGLE should include John Doerr who is three times as wealthy as his partner Khosla.  The Province of Alberta investment arm Aimco should be co named as a defendant.  TJ Rodgers and Colin Powell should also be named as defendants as they are listed as “independent directors”.  They are about as independent as a six month old infant that has not yet been weaned.  Of course in the Kior case the CEO was named and in the Bloom case their CEO KR Sridhar is perhaps the biggest transgressor of the laws of thermodynamics that has ever existed should be named as the number one defendant.   He is after all the “inventor” of the BLOOMDOGGLE.

People think of Mississippi as being far behind California.  Actually the Magnolia State is ahead in measles inoculations and going after fraudulent greenwashers.  CNN wrote below that old Miss can teach Moonbeamers about the prevention of measles.  I think Old Miss can show us how to put greenwashers to face the wheels of justice.

The one officer of Bloom who sold these boxes is Matt Ross their Chief Marketing Officer.  He was interviewed by the press after the NBC report on Bloom's greenwashing and had this to say.  "Matt Ross, chief marketing officer for Bloom, said the NBC story was misleading. "Their report is a hodge podge from different time periods. They're comparing apples to oranges to rocks," Ross said"   

Mr. Ross look at the chronological data in the charts below from the data AC Transit gave me, the Boxes you market as providing  clean, reliable and affordable electrons actually generate dirty, unreliable, and bloody expensive electrons.  Mr. Ross as the chief marketeer of the BLOOMDOGGLE I hope you get named in one of the suits.