Thursday, February 12, 2015

Who is Edward Randolph?

Unlike George Washington or Bill Clinton, Edward Randolph was never president of the USA.  Unlike Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton, Edward did zero work in the scientific arena.  So why is the Green Machine concerned about Edward Randolph?  The answer is for the simple reason that he is part of the BLOOMDOGGLE.  He is actually a big part of the BLOOMDOGGLE.  He helped put DOG in the doggle.

Edward is the Director of the California CPUC Energy Division.  That is a very prominent position at the CPUC and his staff should have made sure that the CPUC issued SGIP impact reports that were correct.  We know his staff let Itron (their consultant) greenwash the carbon emissions savings under the self-generation incentive program (SGIP).  In fact the CPUC is so messed up in reporting the carbon emissions saved under the program that the CPUC has not yet issued the Impact Report for the year 2013.  Their last report of this billion dollar program was for the year 2012.

Also Edward decided to take it upon himself to tell his subordinates at the CPUC that the NBC Bay Area Investigates piece on Bloom Energy’s Greenwashing was not a “story”.  I have an email from July 11, 2014 from Edward Randolph telling his subordinates at the CPUC that The point of all of this is to convince the reporters there is not a story here (which there isn’t) but
the more we give them data tells a complex picture the more likely they are to misuse it.”

Well Mr. Randolph the NBC reporters did have a story, they had a massive bloody big story.  They did not misuse data.  Itron and the CPUC misused data and Bloom lied about data.  You see the Green Machine was helping NBC all along the way to understand the data.  NBC had someone on their team that understood thermodynamics.  If only the CPUC Energy Division had a staff member who understood thermodynamics we would not have had the BLOOMDOGGLE. 

So why was Mr. Randolph so worried about the BLOOMDOGGLE story?   Well before he became a high level operative at the CPUC he was an equally high level operative in Sacramento.  He had a hand in getting the SGIP legislation passed.   He like Jared Huffman helped legislate for the BLOOMDOGGLE.  Mr. Randolph’s time in Sacramento is well described in the link below.  From 2003 till 2010 he was the Chief Consultant to the California State Assembly on Utilities and Commerce.

In the BLOOMDOGGLE, we have the political strategist consultant now becoming the Director of the division that oversaw the SGIP.  Of course this operative did not want a “story” he wanted the data hidden just like Bloom hides the sulfur waste.  Did Mr. Randolph want his subordinates to give “responsible” answers and meet “all requirements” of the PRA when dealing with the press?  He would say yes.  I would say no.  Those are Bloom’s quoted words when it comes to their handling of solid sulfur waste that only the Green Machine found.   

The CPUC is there to protect the ratepayers.  That is their mandate!  Sadly the military industrial congressional complex has operatives like Mr. Randolph who prefer to protect special interests rather than ratepayers.  The President of the CPUC (Peevey) resigned and I think the CPUC needs a lot more spring cleaning to get back to the job of protecting we the people rather than the Bloomdogglers. The BLOOMDOGGLERs claim to have a war on carbon.  I question if they really care about carbon or just wish to enrich the complex.   

Mr. Randolph was asked to comment on this story.  I am awaiting his reply.

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