Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Electric Harley

Harley Davidson motorcycles announced they will produce an electric motor bike.  It will not be for sale but will be given to folks to test.

The Harley bike is beautiful and I had always thought that lithium ion batteries are well suited for electric bicycles and motor bikes.  However, the electric motor bike business in the US has been horrible.  Vectrix a startup electric scooter firm went bust and had their assets auctioned.

That Americans like big cars not little E bikes may be the reason the battery powered two wheeler market has not developed in the USA.  Elsewhere in the world and in particular in Asia E Bikes are very popular.  Also The US and Canada have pretty detailed and restrictive rules about E bikes.

I was kind of thinking of the CODA car and what ever happened to the company Hank Paulson festered upon us?  They went bankrupt a year ago and gave up on cars but now are a grid energy storage company called Coda Energy.

Yeah Coda went from mobile to stationary.  Our friends at KIOR where Condi Rice greenwashed and fibbed about their diesel from pine had layoffs this week at their alchemic facility in Columbus Mississippi.  Kior is about to go coda blue soon.

The country is littered with failed green energy companies and Harley is probably right to produce only a few demo E Bikes and not overhype the potential of the alternative non gasoline powered motor bike.  They will let Elon Musk do all the hyping he wants. 


  1. Elon might ACTUALLY be doing that to get enough customers for his GigaBattery factory.

    The TiTi???

    Or maybe he'll get Minime to fill in.

  2. No doubt Elon is hyping the Giggle Factory but it will be used to supply Coda with batteries for grid storage. Al Gore had Fisker, Hank Paulson had Coda and we all got screwed.


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