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Huffman Has CLECA in the Closet

My one sided debate with Congressman Huffman continues.  We all know he used the CLECA defense for his failed AB 864.  CLECA is a group of perhaps the most gangrene manufacturers on the planet but Mr. Huffman claims he was in bed with them for the passage of his AB 864 that the CPUC squashed like a bug. 

This weekend I communicated the following to Mr. Huffman and the editor of the Marin Independent Journal who is his ardent backer and mouthpiece.

Lindsay Leveen 
12:17 PM (21 hours ago)
to Robert, Rick, Kevin, jenny.callaway, Paul, Andrew, Christopher, Naomi.padron, Gregory
I know that Mr. Huffman has no more comments but let's look at CLECA the organization he claims he was helping with AB 864

Lets first look at the Bill in the CA Senate in March 2011 for the California Renewable Portfolio Standard

At the end of the link it lists the companies that opposed the bill.

          Air Liquide Industrial U.S. LP
          Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
          Alliance for Retail Energy Markets (AReM)
          Anheuser Busch
          California Alliance for Choice in Energy Solutions
          California Business Properties Association
          California Grocers Association
          California Large Energy Consumers Association (CLECA)
          California League of Food Processors
          California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA)
          California Retailers Association
          California Steel Industries, Inc.
          CalPortland Company
          CEMEX California Cement
          Chemical Industry Council of California
          Direct Energy Services, LLC
          Kinder Morgan Energy Partners
          Lehigh Hanson
          Mitsubishi Cement Corporation
          National Cement Corporation
          Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) (unless amended)
          Praxair, Inc.
          Schnitzer Steel Industries
          School Project for Utility Rate Reduction
          Specialty Minerals, Inc.
          TXI Riverside Cement
          Western States Petroleum Association

Now who are CLECA members.  Industrial gas companies, steel companies, cement companies and other large industrial companies that have enjoyed lower cost power (interruptible tariff) compared with other rate payers.

From the list of those who opposed the Renewable Portfolio Standard it is apparent that most if not all of the CLECA click opposed the standard and CLECA itself opposed the standard.

Mr. Huffman you and your spokesman Paul Arden had the audacity to pretend that AB 864 was all about helping CLECA members.  You claim to be a guardian of the environment yet you helped those that opposed the Renewable Portfolio Standard.  Shame on you.  Shame on the IJ for being your mouth piece and Bravo to the CPUC for squashing your bill in August 2011 as they saw right through your hypocrisy Mr. Huffman.

Mr. Huffman I will decide when we end the conversation.  Remember you are my public servant.  Not much of a public servant that is, but you have taken pay for over a decade from the public.  Shame on you!!!  Your record is gangrene not green!!

I then followed with this email

Lindsay Leveen 
9:41 PM (11 hours ago)
to Gregory, jenny.callaway, Rick, Andrew, Naomi.padron, Kevin, Christopher, Paul, Robert
I was watching TV and a commentator said the first law of politics is that when you are in a hole do not dig deeper,  looks like Mr. Huffman and Mr. Arden should drop the shovels.  Mr. Huffman I am giving you the opportunity to simply say that Bloom and At&t misled you as they have misled all of us with their greenwashing.  This will explain why a man who once protected the environment as a lawyer got hoodwinked into sponsoring nonsensical legislation.  We know how Al Gore John Doerr and Colin Powell are big time folks and they hoodwinked Leslie Stahl and 60 Minutes so it is very plausible they hoodwinked an Assemblyman who never studied thermodynamics they were 60% or higher efficient to generate electrons from natural gas in their magic box.  I am fortunate my grad studies were in thermo and that I wrote a text book on fuel cells that I did not fall for Mr. Gore's convenient untruths.    Mr, Huffman this hole will get deeper and deeper if you persist in the CLECA defense.  You played volleyball and know sometimes spikes are impossible to reach.  The CLECA group is gangrene as heck.  Note I spent 12 years in Industrial Gases and was responsible for purchasing hundreds of millions of dollars of electric power.   Also note it took me years not four hours to master thermodynamics.
I take no glee in this matter as the air we all breathe was made worse by the Bloom coffins and the toxic solid waste with sulfur is buried somewhere.    Mr. Sterling I read the Sunday edition of your paper and I think the format is fine but the content stinks.

It should be noted Mr. Sterling changed the format of his newspaper and wrote a front page article in the Sunday IJ to that effect.  Mr. Sterling the front page news should be how Mr. Huffman was working with the enemy of the environment in promoting AB 864 on behalf of CLECA.    We will see if Mr. Huffman drops the CLECA defense which make as much sense as the Twinkie Defense.

If I were in Mr. Huffman’s position I would simply say hey look Leslie Stahl and 60 Minutes were hoodwinked, I got hoodwinked by Bloom and their sponsors.  It is going to be hard for Mr. Huffman to claim he is green if his bed fellow CLECA was busily trying to undo the most critical green legislation in the first half of 2011 when Mr. Huffman was doubling down on the SGIP. 

The wonderful thing about this investigation is that the biggest fish in the green ocean - John Doerr, Colin Powel, and Al Gore are going to get their CLECA – Caught Like Every Crony Aholehole.  I am not making this up the Aholelhole is a flagtail fish in the Hawaiian language. There photo above shows a whole school of Crony Aholholies.

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