Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weasel Of The Week

I appeared again on Delaware radio.  Link is below

I promised I would post the link for DELMARVA customers to complain to their Public Service Commission for the overcharge on natural gas in BLOOMDOGGLE by Bloom Energy.

Here is the complaint form link

This is how to fill out the complaint form

Note state yes the utility has been contacted

Contact Name is Todd Goodman

Complaint Details.
DELMARVA has been billing for more than the permitted amount of natural gas for electrical energy from the Bloom Energy Servers at Brookside and Red Lion.  The maximum permitted quantity of natural gas is 6.6 million BTU per mwh and DELMARVA has billed as high as 7.19 million BTU per mwh.  This is an overbilling to all of DELMARVA’s customers.

Response From Utility
We have no involvement in DSG's air permitting process with DNREC.  Emission permitting issues are between DSG and DNREC.   

Delmarva and DSG are both required to comply with the QFCP Tariff, however.  There are heat rate provisions in the Tariff, and DSG has operated within those heat rate Tariff provisions.  Delmarva's obligations are well established within the terms of the QFCP legislation and the Tariff.  We will continue to comply with those obligations. Taking the actions that your email requests would constitute a violation of both the QFCP legislation and the QFCP Tariff.   


I suggest 200,000 DELMARVA customers all fill out the complaint form.  This may light some natural gas under the DE PSC.