Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dr. Moniz Has Been On The Job A Year

The man who heads the US Department of Entropy has been at the helm for just over a year.  I kind of like Dr. Moniz as he is a larger than life Alfred E Neuman.  This wiki links talks to Dr. Moniz’s accomplishments.

Dr. Moniz posts on Facebook all the fluffy good news on energy that the Obama Administration wants us to see.  He is the face of the administration for the Obama swing away from coal to greener energy.  Unfortunately for Dr. Moniz his results have been about as good as that of the Veteran’s Affairs Secretary and the Whitehouse Press Secretary.  Dr. Moniz has overseen the first increase in CO2 emissions in the US in years.  As much as he quicksteps to renewable energy coal power generation is coming back based on marginal generation costs.

My lost Congressman Mr. Huffman has proposed legislation in the US House to prevent Taxpayer dollars from being spent to export coal power generation technology.  To quote the green genius “If we’re serious about fighting global warming, we need to ensure that our government isn’t working at cross-purposes with itself—we can’t build a clean energy future at home while dumping billions of American dollars into dirty coal boondoggles abroad,”

Yeah the man who brought us the BLOOMDOGGLE in California is now worried about coal boondoggles abroad.  Mr. Huffman I suggest you call Dr. Moniz and ask him about the “coal boondoggle” going on right here in this country.  Mr. Huffman is running a little scared now that I have told him that the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) put an end to Huffman’s Assembly Bill 864 in Sacramento after the CPUC determined that in 2010 too much SGIP money was going to Bloom Energy.  I quote from Scott Murtishaw the subject matter expert at CPUC on the SGIP who wrote this in an email to me on May 22, 2014.

“3) As for AB 864, the CPUC's leg position speaks for itself. We were in the thick of the proceeding to implant the SGIP overhaul per SB 412 and we didn't want any more legislative micromanagement of the program design during that session. In the end, we kept the steeply declining incentives for capacity over 1 MW and we imposed a cap on the total amount of funds any one company could receive per year, basically to prevent a repeat of 2010 when Bloom was dominating the applications submitted.”

OK we now have the CPUC agreeing that Huffman’s AB 864 was a Bloomdoggle. 

I have to say if we were not headed to total economic and ecologic disaster reading Mad Government would be as funny as reading “what me worry”.  But we simply cannot afford the incompetence of Dr. Moniz and the hypocrisy of Mr. Huffman.   Perhaps Ernie and Jared could follow Eric and Jay example and disappear.  Some high school logic Ernie is to Eric as Jarod is to Jay.

Mr. Huffman has been asked for the 101st time by me for a ten minute face to face meeting to simply discuss two questions that are as follows:

Did AT&T and or Mr. Darius Anderson lobby him to introduce AB 864?
And why did he and the CPUC have such different views on AB 864?

I know Mr. Huffman fears the Green Machine so I told him to bring 10 of his staff, 10 of his supporters, and 10 reporters from the Santa Rosa Press Democrat (Darius Anderson’s newspaper) and all I will bring is a recorder to record the answers to the two question listed above.  Of course like Jay Carney, Jared Huffman is bobbing and weaving and blaming it on Bush and the GOP.  I simply can’t wait for Mr. Huffman and 30 others on his side get to tell us all what went on Sacramento to give Bloom Energy $257 million of ratepayers’ money under the SGIP BLOOMDOGGLE.  Maybe to Jared SGIP stood for Send Gore Increased Payments? To me SGIP stands for State Government Is Pathetic.


  1. Bravo on poking the bear on SGIP and Bloom Energy, Lindsay! Your fastidious care and focus in revealing all the shortcomings on this matter have been most appreciated.

  2. Thanks Kim we can yet get good government and a green future

  3. Again on the mark. See a target send an arrow to the heart of the matter. Well done.What arrow in your bow should be sent as a future solution?

  4. GKE I do hope that the SGIP gets revised or ended because of the BLOOMDOGGLE. Also hope that Dr. Moniz starts obeying the laws of thermodynamics and explaining them to his boss.

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