Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Vinod Responds To Sixty Minutes


60 Minutes did get it a little wrong.   They should have asked Vinod about Cello as well as Range.   They should have asked him about Calera.   They should have asked him why Condi Rice has resigned from Kior and the CFO left or was dismissed without any explanation.   They should have asked him about him hosting Obama at a fund raising dinner at his house.


Obama quipped that Vinod has two very big dogs.   Actually Vinod's pack of dogs include Cello, Range, Kior, and Calera.   Cello faked bio fuel when in fact it was fossil.   Range was completely deranged.  Kior is the story of the day.   And Calera was the company that was going to make cement from CO2 in the sea.   Bechtel and Peabody Coal believed that crap I never did.

I posted this over a year ago

The poster child of the gangrene greenwashing of pure junk is Calera.  This was to be the “jewel in the crown” of Khosla’s green portfolio.  The company claimed to sequester CO2 in cement it made from power plant emissions.  Bechtel said it was great, Peabody Coal was an investor, the US Government gave it money.  All the company could do was turn expensive chemicals into less expensive ones,  They added Calcium Chloride and Sodium Hydroxide two expensive chemicals to the stack gas to yield Calcium Carbonate and Salt two much less expensive chemicals.  Had anyone simply looked at the cost of the reagents and the value of the products they would have said “wow we are making sawdust out of a mahogany table”. 




Old Vinod had another legal battle going on with some surfers who wanted to walk over his seaside property to go surf at the public beach called Martin's Beach.


I wonder if Obama and Khosla discussed the Martin's Beach case at the $32,400 a head fund raising dinner at Khosla's house, or the President who loves the sea given his Hawaii roots simply decided that the surfers could lean forward somewhere else as the money Vinod and his friends were bringing into the campaign was much more important than hanging ten when one could hang 32,400.

Vinod please respond to this !!!!

60 Minutes still has to do their piece about the Bloom Box fake out.

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