Sunday, January 5, 2014

60 Minutes Gets Its MoJo Back

This evening CBS’s 60 Minutes did a piece titled Cleantech Crash on the green energy debacle in the US.   60 Minutes got its MoJo back and finally did a hard hitting investigation into the greenwashed junk we all have paid for over the past five years.   I bet Dr. Chu and Dr. Rice were asked to be interviewed and they hid.   I also bet that Condi Rice resigned from the board of Kior a couple of weeks back as she well knew that 60 Minutes was going to do a piece on her benefactor Mr. Khosla and his gangrene company Kior. 

Bravo 60 Minutes you reported in 2014 what the Green Machine has been reporting for years.  The next 60 Minutes piece should be the apology piece for launching Bloom Energy with such fanfare 4 years ago.   The next 60 Minute piece should put John Doerr on the hot seat just like the thermodynamic neophyte Vinod Khosla was put on tonight.   I took great pleasure in seeing Mr. Khosla swallow hard when asked some probing questions about his failure and his use of our money to fund those failures.

Robert Rapier the chemical engineer who was interviewed was the only thermodynamically honest person interviewed on the show.  Well done Robert!!!

When Bloom is fully exposed, Jared Huffman my Congressman will be as squirmy Steven Koonin the former DOE Head Scientist who gave away our money in Dr. Chu’s green boondoggle that 60 Minutes exposed tonight.   Mr. Huffman you can hide for a little while longer but the news on Bloom and the quarter billion dollars of ill-gotten SGIP money in California is not going away. 

Here is a link to the 60 minute piece


  1. Indeed. Nice that the affirmations are commencing! I recall the piece 60 Minutes did on the Bloom Box back in 2010 and I remember compiling a small litany of enquires, because I questioned a number of the claims that were touted during the segment.

  2. No doubt that CBS got tired of the administrations "gangrene" energy policy and was pretty good last night at showing this to their viewers. Bloom is still faking it out and Chu, Rice, Powell, Goerr, and Doerr should all be spotlighted for their greenwashing fake outs. It is very interesting that Condi resigned just before the 60 Minutes piece. Vinod Cost Us put on the show for KIOR but they are on their last legs. Also interesting that California Public Utilities Commission is six months late in issuing thie SGIP report and I imagine they are petrified of the Bloom data in that report. The $257 million was a sheer waste of our money. Leslie Stahl will soon be doing a piece on Sixty Minutes that like the second Benghazi piece fixes the lies of the first piece. Bloom and Kior are interesting as the Province of Alberta Canada pension fund (AIM) is a big investor in both of these gangrene companies. Aceratin man called Jagdeep Bachher was on the board of Kior (he resigned) and is on the board of Bloom. Jagdeep is in deep and the greenwashing crosses the border into a public entity. So many "money men" who never studied thermo. The real villian is the Chief Scientist of the DOE, did you notice his spiffy office? He must be a lobbyist now!