Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Money Crisis

Ben is out and Janet is in at the Fed.  The Turks and South Africans are raising interest rates.  We have a global money crisis.

My favorite green gasoline boondoggle KIOR is hitting the skids and Vinny Cost Us is still fuming at 60 Minutes for outing him as a thermodynamic neophyte.  If you are plain dumb you got to love that KIOR stock and you have to believe that Vinod and his buddy Bill Gates will breathe life into the still born wonder child of gasoline from pine. 

Vinny Cost Us is probably looking to buy Pine-Sol  and combine it with KIOR and resurrect his green dream as a company that makes solar panels from pine trees using his bottle of special catalyst he held in his hand for the Leslie My Car Is Stalled 60 Minutes show and tell.

Robert Rapier (Rsquared) the very smart and astute Chemical Engineer in the 60 Minutes piece has written a piece on Vinod Khosla.   Here is the link to Rsquared’s piece.

I think Rsquared was being kind to the man who brought us Cello, Range, KIOR, and Calera.  Lsquared the Green Machine would not have been as kind to Vinny.   I would simply have said to Vinny “Pine-Sol is the powerful scent of real clean, Vinny I smelled the gangrene rats at Cello, Range, KIOR, and Calera and those rats emitted a powerful scent of the use of public funds for utter thermodynamic nonsense.”   Gas Gangrene is a disease called myonecrosis.  Vinod’s green flops are simply called money-crisis.  Vinny maybe the Turks and the South Africans will buy your green stories.  Pine-Sol may smell good and clean but it is ineffective at treating Money Crisis.