Saturday, March 2, 2013

Keystone Pipeline Becomes Obama's Problem

My last blog dealt with a CEO that was fired and how the CEO had the guts to admit the decision to fire him was in the best interest of the company.  If only American voters had the same view of the world as the Groupon Board of Directors we may have got a new CEO last November to bring the country out of the utter state of disorganization.

But alas the majority has spoken and we are stuck with our CEO for 46 more months.  The CEO of the US will have to decide the fate of the Keystone Pipeline.  His State Department decided to punt the question to their boss.  Of course the speaker of the house who should also be fired thinks Keystone will create thousands of middle class jobs. 

The President now has to face thousands of protestors who despise the idea of Canadian heavy oil coming south for refining.  The protestors prefer minimum wage jobs where they simply scream till they are hoarse rather than middle class jobs where they don’t have to scream “forward” but could actually propel themselves, their families, and the country forward.

The Keystone decision will be one where the President can actually make amends for how poorly his administration has done in backing Soyndra, A 123, Ener 1, Fisker, Tesla, and dozens of other gangrene companies with DOE loans.  Keystone is actually the “Groupon” moment for the Obama administration.  The President can reverse his dismal performance and maybe get a passing grade of a C if he approved Keystone.  If he does not approve Keystone he will surely be given a F for his record on energy.

It is interesting that the brave and contrite CEO of Groupon has Mason for his family name.   A Mason takes stones and builds a permanent and lasting structure.  The Keystone is the critical stone the mason carves and uses to assemble the arch that supports the structure. 

Free Masons use a Keystone with the letters H T W S S T K S on their ornaments.  This stands for Hiram Tyrian Widow's Son Sent To King Solomon.   Hiram Abiff was perhaps the greatest mason of all time and was slain just prior to the completion of King Solomon’s Temple.

Fourteen US presidents were free masons.  They include George Washington and Harry Truman.  Perhaps President number 44 should look to 14 of his predecessors and go for the Keystone Pipeline and then H T W S S T K S can stand for Hussein The Wise Supported Submerging The Keystone Syncrude.

For the benefit on non-chemical engineers who read this blog Syncrude is the name of the crude oil extracted from Canadian tar-sands that will be transported through the Keystone Pipeline to be refined in existing refineries on the US Gulf Coast.  I doubt President Obama will ever be recognized to be the greatest President of all time.  That honor goes to Abif Lincoln who never Tired of doing his job and was not seen golfing when the whole country not just a pipeline was headed south. 

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